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K Oct 24, 2017

Hi there back in March this year we bought a divan double bed from you with a mattress, it was only a cheap one around £200 my partner spent on it, and I know you get what you pay for but this item was absolutely awful, first off when you laid on the mattress you could fill every spring not to mention there where no clips to keep the bed together, so needless to say it kept coming apart, on many acassions my partner tried to contact bed world to complained and he wonted to return the bed and get his money back, we had a three month approval on this bed too but your company where having none of it and it became impossible to return the bed, you even told us we had to pay for it to be returned which was somewhere up north (Doncaster if I remember rightley) before you would refund our money.
My partner was told time and time again a manager was going to call him yet this never happen, so yes when he did finally get someone on the other end of the phone he blow them out the ground, mind you it wasn't a manager he was talking too.
Today I decided to despose of the bed myself and put it down to we have lost our money totally, but why I have decided to write you a email of complaint is because this item was really poor workmanship I broke that bed up in 5 minutes flat and yes I did take pictures of the bed broken up, we where actually sleeping on cardboard(as you can see in the picture enclosed) totally appaling, I'm really hoping someone will contact me on this matter because I really do not know how you as a company get away with selling absolute rubbish like that!

Kind regards

Karen Marshall

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