BeddingInncar seats cover not as described.

This is a scam company. They claim the make car seats covers according to the car model but they don't . A complete lie. I received the order and tried on.
Toyota Highlander is a 3 row seat car and in order to use the 3rd row you have to slide back and forth independently 2nd row seats.
Seat cover I received for the second row comes in 1 piece. How in hell I am going to install this and how am I going slide seats back and forth if the cover comes in one piece ? This is not a sedan. I email them and received a the option to keep the item for a $20 refund, funny.
After $220 I paid they think I will keep covers that can not be used, are you kidding me ?
Now be a ware, I received the covers in 2-3 day from new York. I put a claim with PayPal because I see no use to deal with them.
Return shipping address they have China address, so I end up paying $90 shipping back and thank God they made it so I received the refund, but not shipping back.
If item is lost on the way you loose both item money and shipping.
Very bad experience dealing with this company.
As i said a complete SCAM company.
Stay Away.

Jun 10, 2018

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