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Do not deal with the unscrupulous company under any circumstances.
I purchased a light fitting. I also purchased "insurance" to cover any breakage. The light was finally delivered and every pane of glass was smashed and the frame of the light was bent. I foolishly believed their web-site and expected a refund... They insisted I send detailed photos to that they could make a claim against the freight company... finally I was offered $20 and told to get the glass replaced... Then $30, then $40. Fortunately I paid through Paypal and after 3 weeks or so, was refunded the cost (thank you Paypal!), but only after sending back the broken light at a cost of over $70.

These people are thieves and liars.

They know that the cost of returning goods to China usually makes it prohibitive and most people give up. They insisted that I return the goods and were surprised that I actually went through with it. I have no doubt that they were planning to use my photos to make a claim from the freight company and refund me a pittance. They would have made a profit!

I contacted the freight company so they would be aware of these people. Apart from the breakage, the quality of the light was very poor. I lost money by following through but it was worth it.

Jun 7, 2016

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