Beautiful Halo / cheap/dangerous lighting products, no cust. service, fraudulent charges

China, ME, United States
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I purchased 3 "light fixtures" from this China-based online company. Two of the fixtures arrived requiring total assembly. I mean total assembly. It was a six pendant light. Each wire had to be attached individually to the base. Unbelievable. There were no instructions. I emailed back and forth for days only to be told "just attach the wires to any other wire, the colors don't matter". My electrician (yes, you will need one.) indicated that the wires should not be interchangeable but he will figure it out. The second fixture was a sconce made of very cheap resin, not metal as indicated. The third fixture was advertised as a 14 bulb pendant and was pictured and described as having bulbs, but was sent with none. I only bought the fixture because it came w/ the "Edison" bulbs which would have cost $7ea in the U.S., so this was a good deal - so I thought. I would not have bought it if the bulbs were not included. I emailed and asked where they were. I was told it didn't come with bulbs and was referred to the recently changed product photo/description. Luckily I had a screen shot of the photo/description at the time that I ordered my item. After I sent it to them w/ an email demanding my bulbs, or postage to send the item back, I was ignored. After several unanswered emails, I opened a dispute w/ Capital One. Only THEN, did B. Halo offer to send the bulbs if I closed the dispute. I refused to close the dispute until I received the the meantime, Cap1 reversed the charges. B. Halo then somehow had my card re-charged for the original amount and still did not deliver the bulbs. I am in credit card dispute hell now and still have not gotten what I paid for. Buy from Lamps Plus or some other reputable company.

Jul 21, 2016

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