Beautiful Halo / cartoon planet and astronauts print round neck long sleeve sweatshirt

Hong Kong, United Kingdom
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My 17 year old daughter saw an online ad advertising a hoodie she the ad an adult was wearing it so she asked for it for her Christmas. Without hesitating we clicked the link, it said "one size" therefore we ordered it. I wish I had read the reviews on here before doing so.

Item arrived weeks later, it was so small it would only suit a kid of about 8 or 9 years old. I contacted their customer services who offered me a 20% refund. I said this was no good as it was no fit for purpose.

I wish I had just paid by credit card as they mucked me about so much I ended up having to escalate the problem with Paypal who insisted I would have to send it back fully traceable to Hong Kong (even though they have a UK address listed on their website) - which would cost me more than the item itself. Then Beatifulhalo offered a 04% refund. I cut my losses and accepted it. Guess what next moment when I chased the refund they offered 20%. After days of hounding them they eventually refunded me 30%.

This company obviously have no morals whatsoever, I recommend all buyers to avoid them at all costs.

Dec 19, 2016

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