BDO Unibankhome loan process

Home laon was applied for in June of 2016
Loan aproved in July 2016

Augest BDO requests more paperwork to be completed notarized and certified by Councelt. We made a trip (16hr drive and an overnight hotel stay) Everything completed and certified by consulate in Chicago and Fedex. Paperwork arrives in mid august.
In October BDO request updated affidavit of Power of Attorney in October. Again paperwork was delivered in person to philippines concelt and fedex i=on October 16th.
BDO again in November asked for more updated perwork becaus of the dely in the processing of the loan other papers filled out during application is no too old. One more trip made to chigo and got paperwork completed and fedex.
Bdo at this time guarantees money would be released Nov21.

December we were informed that because Affidavit was completed in October is now also to old a new one would need to be sent. paperwork notarized, Aleppo document was certified by our state office as per requirement again taken to consulate in chicago certified and fedex to BDO.

It is now January and we are still getting request for more paperwork because it needs to be recertified do time from when paperwork was first filled out.

BDO seems to not have a process in place to look over all of the loan paperwork. From initial approval in June we have had a constant nightmare of one person requesting one item then giving it a approval to the next person we get a different request.

I understand the need for updated paperwork. But when the process takes over 7 months we have been bombarded with constant request because of the difference in time from when original paperwork was filled out. At this rate we have come to the conclusion that if we stay with BDO and the time in between requests for paperwork we will never get threw the process. If everything was requested at one time we would have all paperwork dated on the same date, we would have saved thousands in fedex and travel costs.

BDO might be a good bank for saving and checking. But if you have to go threw such an unorganised system to get a loan what wuld happen once you get it. You would be junping threw who knows what just to make sure nothing gets lost, forgotten, misplaced. it is a joke.

If you are looking for a home loan, are a natural born citizen of the philippines but live in the us run yes run from BDO there process will bleed you dry.

Jan 25, 2017

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