Bayview Loan Servicing / unauthorized withdrawn

GA, United States

2 years ago I called to set up an automated withdrawn on the 5th of every month.. Six months later the company I was working started to pay bi weekly instead of weekly. I called bayview loan servicing to change the withdraw date to the 15th. Everything was fine... Following month big surprise it was on the 5th and messed up my checking acc. I called them again and they assured it will be taken care... Following month same surprise.. Called again. They said that I did not send any letter to cancel that is the reason.. I sent the letter and then again... Same thing. They could not find the letter.. Soo I sent one letter asking to cancel for good... That was it until 2 days ago. The money I had on my acc for expenses was taken. Even after my calls and letters and personal copies of my statement.. No refunds... Very bad customer service. The supervisor did not believe my bank paid for the transaction.. And I put the rest of the money to cover.., haate this company

Mar 07, 2013

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