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Bay Area Credit Service / At&t bill

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Boy am I glad my boyfriend and I decided to search the web as we were talking to the people who called us from Bay Area Credit Service! Although they have a "legitimate" website, when you search them on Google the 5th word that pops up next to them is SCAM. With this in mind, let me explain what happened... My boyfriend's mom received a phone call from [protected] asking for him, and so she told him that he would call them back since we live in our own apartment. Upon calling, the man that answered said that my boyfriend did not pay the final bill from our AT&T internet service last year (12/09), and it had been sent to their collections agency. When I initially heard this (he had his cell on speakerphone), I was kind of confused because that was close to a year ago and we had not received any phone calls/mail regarding this outstanding bill; although we had moved, we changed our address on everything and had canceled AT&T to get a new internet service. Not sure if we had paid this closing fee, we asked for the account number and he ignored the question, automatically moving to how we could go about paying this. He gave us two options: Paying the $186 right then, or not only paying the full fee but accruing interest on the amount until we did so. Being a bit apprehensive, and the bargainer my boyfriend is, he said he would pay $50 at the most because the could not provide all of the information he was asking for (account number being the most important). They declined his $50, but said they would settle for $101. At this point, the word scam started going off in my head. I got on my laptop and that is when I searched Bay Area Credit Service and SCAM popped up right next to it. I found this website and similar experiences came up. Although some were about ambulances, their "website" says they also do medical billing. My boyfriend then said he would like a statement sent to him before he paid anything, afraid of being "scammed", and the man on the phone got rather angry, almost yelling at some points asking "Why do you need a paper statement?? I just told you what you need to pay!!!" Finally my boyfriend told them he would call back and hung up. We immediately called AT&T, got ahold of their financial services, and asked about this incident. It did turn out that we had a bill with them, but the number to call this company was completely different. We ended up paying our bill with AT&T THROUGH AT&T, not having to worry about some random agency having our credit card information. At this point I started to feel kind of bad, thinking we were wrong, but I knew my gut instinct had to be right. Especially with all of the other experiences I found similar online. After looking around their "website" some more, I noticed the copyright at the bottom said [protected], while their Privacy Policy was enacted Dec 13, 2007, voiding all previous privacy policies and giving them the ability to change these policies at any time without warning. I don't know much about the legalities of this, but to me it seems like AT&T may be getting scammed as well. This could have initially been a valid company, but was taken over or turned into a scam agency. Having AT&T give them bills to collect like my boyfriends may add to their "legitimacy", while giving them the opportunity to create false ones. Just my opinion. Hope this story (or what turned into a rather long essay) helps any of you who receive a call from [protected], to be cautious.

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  • Ma
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    I completely agree with this complaint. I had a similar situation, but I had already paid my bill with AT&T. Now AT&T (and I) want to know where they got my number, and my husband's cell phone, since that is how they got hold of us.

    Total scam. Don't pay them a cent.

  • Pa
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I just got off the phone with them. The ### wanted me to pay for my uncle since he doesn't have any credit cards. I am so glad I found this website.

  • Hc
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    This company sent me a bill for AT&T, so I wrote them a check to pay the balance. A month later they are calling again saying that I never paid them, in which my check never cleared the bank. So I told them I would pay them the amount over the phone with the same check number that I wrote, so that way it wouldnt come out twice of my account, well they used a different check number and took the money out. Then another month later, they send my original check thru. So I contacted my bank, and took care of that. Now I have another collection office calling me on the same bill saying that I never paid them, yet Bay Area Credit took money out my account twice. So I have been calling AT&T to talk to them about it, and they say I have to deal with Bay Area Credit about this, because they are the ones that I paid, and now Bay Area Credit is saying that my payments were returned by the bank. I told the AT&T person that I was talking to that they need to look at this service and that they have a fraud office making their collections. Well needless to say, I can not get in touch with anyone at this Bay Area Credit office now. I really would like an attorney on this one, but dont think its worth it. Check them out before you pay them.

  • An
      10th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    BEWARE..Bay Area Credit Service also contacted me in regards to a AT&T bill they claimed i owed. This was in 2013. I had been in a 11 month dispute with AT&T with incorrect billing on their part and finally was fet up and went to another carrier. They owed me money on credits they never applied. I was on a flat rate for unlimited calling plan for around $40 a month and was receiving bills for $500. plus per month! I had been with At&t for years and this wasn't he first time having issues but it was definatly the last! So thinking it was finally over and i was waiting for my refund check, i received a phone call from BAY AREA CREDIT SERVICE stating i owed money to AT&T. I disputed the billing in writing to both company's and never heard anything back. I knew i wouldn't here back as i had a credit NOT a balance.
    So here we are in 2014 and i did a credit history report and NO dings on it HOWEVER, CREDIT BAY DID AN INQUIRY ON MY CREDIT REPORT WITH PERMISSION FROM ME AND THEY CAN NOT DO THIS." COLLECTION ANGENCIES" HAVE NOT RIGHT TO DO THIS. I believe this is one way they are fishing/ scamming for money. I am reporting this and will be taking legal action against this company and AT&T for giving them the info to obtain all my personal info and history. If you see Bay Area Credit Service has made an inquiry on your report PLEASE REPORT THIS to the proper authorities.(FCRA) You will have recourse in this situation if you choose to take legal action. We need to stop these scammer's from stealing our hard earned money and potentially identity theft.
    I have pasted the Facts below.

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted in October 1970

    1. You have the right to know what's in your credit reports.

    2. ONLY authorized users can see what's in your credit report.

    If you're worried that your boss or potential sweetheart can access
    your credit information without your permission, don't sweat it. The act
    bars individuals from seeing your credit reports, unless they can prove
    that they have a legitimate need to see it.

    "There's something that is known as the permissible purpose doctrine
    and that basically says that you can't just go to a credit reporting
    agency and say, 'I want to take a look at this person's file, '" says
    Stephens. "You have to have a reason to look at that file."

    According to the FCRA, a person can access your credit report ONLY if:

    A court has ordered that the credit information be shared.That person is a lender and you are applying for some form of
    credit. A creditor may also pull your report if you currently have an
    account open with them or if you have a balance that's past due.The person is working on behalf of an insurance company that's
    underwriting your insurance or a government agency that is considering
    giving you a license or other public benefit, such as social services.An individual has requested your report for employment purposes and has obtained your written authorization to view it.A person can prove a legitimate business need to view the report.
    For example, if a landlord is considering your rental application or a
    person is working on behalf of a retailer and has accepted a check as a
    form of payment, he or she can request a copy of your report.You have given clear instructions to the credit reporting agency to release your information to a particular person.

  • An
      10th of May, 2014
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    Sorry about that!

  • Cl
      9th of Dec, 2014
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    i agree
    they called me too for a bill with att
    false claim but att still does not cancel it
    thanks you
    did not pay the creditor

  • Ca
      19th of Nov, 2016
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    I could not get memorial Hermann hospital to say that I owed them this money but I was scared that this was a legit bill so I have paid them 700 dollars so far. But after reading this I will be cancelling the last payment. Thanks for sharing these stories. 😊

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