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The employee at this store that rung me up was not friendly. When I took my purchase up to the register and sat it down, the cashier asked if I was ready, I said yes, then saw something else I wanted to look at, that I'd be ready in a minute, she then gave an attitude like I was bothering her. I bought shower gels that were 75% off, I added up my total (as I always do at any store) and it should have came to approx. $15, cashier told me my total was approx. $23. I asked if everything rung up the right price because my estimate was not that high, she said yes, without even looking at anything, I said well, it shouldn't have been that much, then I'll have to put some back because I did not come up with that much, only then did she look at the receipt and say, "Oh, wait, there's something else on there." She then came up with the total I did, a little over $15. So I'm wondering, had I not said something, if I didn't total my purchase myself, if I would have been charged for that "something else that was on my total", and not even know until I got home, that I was over charged, and would have had to make another trip to the store, then I'm guessing it would have just been my word against hers, that that something else was not in my bag, but on the receipt. The store is in North Hanover Mall, Hanover, PA. 1/13/17. Trans: 9442. Reg: 004. Cashier: 1506340. Store: 80664 Till: 1004. 3:59 PM. Sku on receipt: [protected]. Total: $15.23. 7 items purchased.
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Jan 13, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    So, you tell her you are ready, she stops what she is doing to check you out, then you see something else to look at which holds her up, she makes a mistake on a ring, and somehow she is supposed to read your mind? And she is the rude one?

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  • Po
      Jan 15, 2017

    You are not ready if you wish to look at something else. If you say you are ready and then do this, you are an inconvenience to the staff and other customers.

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