Bath & Body Works Directstore manager

K Nov 22, 2017

As a employee at bath and body works I have experience many experiences and seen how bad employees are threated their bath and body works store 2149 in casa grande az 85122 store manager (Donna) she had a son of her self who got hired for christmas last year and has been their since then. Store has lost so many employees do to the unfairness their is their. As x employee of her I can tell you theirs so many on happy employees trying to leave do to what's going on. She has lost really good people because of her lack of her not treating everyone the same. Her son is currently still their with more hours then better employees who can get the job done! Store has new hires who have had no shift longer the 3 hours or 1 shift. She also has employee named mackenzie who does not sale! But again she has all the hours. Do to her being someone she wants her son to date the store has great people that give up instead of trying any more. Its like a tag game one day she can like you the next she wants you out and will make us quit on our own. Do to the way she treats us I really hope you guys some day can do something because nothing has been done. Instead people keep leaving over and over I loved working at bath and body works the time I was their and I wish it could be managed better and so people wouldn't leave. Thank you for the opportunity of being employee their.

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