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Hollis, NH, United States

Deer customer service support my name is Ana Crespo I had been a loyal customer online and in the store I had always had the Graeter's experience with your products I love them but today I had a horrible experience with a cashier in one of your stores she broke a bottle of lotion and their glass Splash my eyes, all I hear from her was go get another one with a very condescending tone, I was shocked but there were people on the line, so I went to get it I was really disappointed, my I did ask to speak to the manager but I was too upset to talk I was about to cry cuz I was in pain and I feel frustrated, I hope you can help me in contact me cuz she physically her me and emotionally I know you had the most great customer service and you proud of it cuz, I had been in there many times and I had the greatest service before but today it was disappointed.

Oct 13, 2017

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