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Dartmouth, MA, United States

Bath and Body Works at the Dartmouth, MA mall. I was given a "free item of your choice with any $10 purchase" coupon (up to $13 value) the last time I shopped at Bath and Body Works. The coupon listed exclusions on the back (no gift sets, third party merchandise, can't use on gift card purchases, etc). The fine print on the back did NOT say the coupon couldn't be used with other sales, sale items, or offers.

There was a sale going on for "buy 2 get 1 free." In my mind this means I could get two shower gels (all priced at $12.50 each), then the third one would be free. Total for two shower gels plus the third free one (from the sale) was about $29 with tax (meets the requirement for a $10 purchase the coupon needs), and since the price of each shower gel was $12.50 (lower than the $13 value for the free item on the coupon). Therefore, I would be paying for 1 shower gel, and two would be free because I could take advantage of both the sale and the coupon. However, at the register both cashiers told me I would still have to pay the $29 price for two shower gels, then get the free one from the sale, then get a separate one free with the coupon. This didn't make any sense to me, because the fine print on the coupon didn't say I couldn't use it along with a sale deal. If it can't be used along with a "buy this many get this many free offer" then it needs to be stated on the back of the coupon. The store always has BOGO sales going on, if customers can't use the coupons with the BOGO sales, then what am I supposed to do with the coupon? Buy a tiny hand sanitizer? That was the only thing in the store that didn't seem to be on sale or part of a BOGO offer. If tiny hand sanitizer is all you can get with the coupon then you should just make it a "free tiny hand sanitizer with a $10 purchcase" instead of "free item of your choice."

I find the coupon highly misleading, and the two cashiers at the store were pretty rude to me while I was trying to sort out the problem. I was nice about it, I explained my reasoning a few times, and stepped aside to let other customers go ahead of me so they didn't have to wait while I sorted the issue out. The cashiers kept rolling their eyes and talking to me as if I was stupid. I've worked at customer service before, I know there are annoying customers workers deal with all the time. But you're supposed to still be as nice and polite as possible unless they become threatening. I didn't yell, I wasn't rude, I calmly asked them to explain why it didn't work and all they did was interrupt my questions before I could finish asking them and talk down to me. Their only answer for me was "it won't work" or "the computer doesn't show it that way." If it doesn't work, that's fine, but I deserve an answer as to why it doesn't work so I'm not standing in a store full of people feeling embarrassed because I don't understand what's going on.

First, I highly suggest you either add "sale offers not included" to the fine print on your coupons so you aren't lying to customers. Second, you need to train your Dartmouth, MA store's employees on better customer service techniques.

I've love Bath and Body Works scents, but they're overpriced as it is and I don't see why I should bother going to the stores if the workers are going to treat people like that.

Bath and Body Works
Bath and Body Works

Oct 25, 2017

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