Baskin Robbins / ice cream was almost warm, no texture of icecream and no flavor of chocolate

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Horrible mess, I have bought from this company for years and years. Not anymore. Purchased a large choc. milk shake to be made with vanilla ice cream, very thick. Paid my $6.35, took myself and the shake home. I could not imagine what I was drinking. It was almost warm, no texture of icecream and no flavor of chocolate. It was the texture of motor oil. Very slick, no taste and almost sickening to swallow. Needless to say it went down the sink and so did my $6.25. This shoppe is at the corner of Westheimer and Chimney Rock in Houston, Tx. Hope you who love icecream have a better experience than I did when you go there.

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  • Il
      19th of Mar, 2012
    Baskin Robbins - World class flavor missing
    Baskin Robbins
    United States

    In Ponce, Puerto Rico, are three Baskin Robbins. In the last weeks I went to those stores asking for the World Class Flavor and the staff told me that they haven't been receiving that flavor for a while. For that flavor is the only reason I go to your stores. Please fix this problem. Thank you.

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  • Mc
      22nd of Sep, 2012

    I couldn't agree more regarding the above mentioned comment. In fact, the salesperson told us some of the ice cream was not suitable for a regular sugar cone due to the texture. She suggested we put the ice cream in a waffle cone, which of course, was $1.10 more. When I said no, and told my child to select an alternate flavor, the salesperson scooped the alternate flavor my child selected then told my child she could place my child's original selection on top of that. What?!?! Was this a ploy to try to get us to purchase the more expensive cone? On a side note, I ended up purchasing 3 cones at $13.85 (outrageous!). When I was halfway done eating my Jamona Almond Fudge cone, I discovered a 5 inch black hair buried in my ice cream...You read this right, a strand of hair! It turns out I didn't have to pay for additional toppings or ingredients to my order, the hair was a gift with purchase. Needless to say, I immediately disposed of all 3 cones and tried not to throw up at the thought of this truly DISGUSING discovery.

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