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Baskin Robbins / prejudiced, bigoted, hateful employees

1 United States

I stopped at a Baskin Robbins with a friend, and there were a few people in line there.

Me and my friend waited in line for about 10 minutes, we were given our ice cream and then waited to pay.

When it was my turn to pay, I gave my $20 to the cashier. He gave me a nasty look, then looked at the money...he held it up to the light...he got some kind of machine out from under the coutner and put it in the machine, then he told me he couldnt take it.

I asked him why he couldnt take my money. He said the money was fake. I told him I just got that money from the bank, and I doubt THEY would be giving anyone fake money. He just sneered at me and walked off! I noticed two other people had paid with $20's, including my friend and NONE OF THEM were given the third degree and had thier money ran through tests!

I wrote Baskin Robbins headquarters about this. I took that money to the police and THEY said it was REAL! I took it back to the bank the next day and told them what happened. The BANK ran thier tests on it, and said it was REAL.

The sad excuse for a human/employee was just bigoted, prejudiced, and apparently wanted to harass me for some unknown reason!

I NEVER heard from Baskin Robbins headquarters! Not ONE word of apology, not ONE word of remorse for such a useless piece of crap employee, NOTHING!


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