Barrister Global Services Network / non-payment for work rendered

Hammond, LA, United States
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I have worked with Barrister some time and recently have not been paid for 14 work orders totaling over $1, 000! They falsely claim that I did not return the defective parts, yet with the provided tracking information, the head of the Core Returns department, Patrick Clark has confirmed they were returned. They charge $120 for each un-returned part. The department designated to help technicians with these issues has written this reply:

We will not reverse this penalties as we had helped you before in reversals but still the parts returns has issues from your side. We cannot help for penalty reversals.

My experience is Barrister has a business model to take advantage of technicians which then quit due to non-payment issues, and they just hire other technicians. I received an email with over 100 former techs conversing together who all have the same issues I have had.

Jun 13, 2017

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