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We purchased a remanufactured engine from Barnette's on July 7, 2010 for a 1989 Supra. With the purchase we also upgraded to Barnette's metal reinforced head gasket and stud kit since our old engine had blown a head gasket with the standard Toyota supplied parts. We wanted the best quality parts we could buy.
However in May 2011 the intake gasket provided by Barnette's with the remanufactured engine failed and when it was removed during service we saw that it was of inferior quality to the Toyota part. I called to submit a claim against the warranty and was told by Barnette's representative Steve that anything that bolts onto the engine (even though supplied by Barnette's) is not covered under the warranty. I asked him to direct me to that clause under warranty exceptions and he could not.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chesapeake, VAHe also stated that because we had proceeded with the repair without contacting Barnette's, we had violated the warranty.
At that point I concluded that Barnette's is not willing to honor their warranty. The claim is for 6 hours of labor (6 x $55 = $330) plus the cost of the better quality Toyota intake gasket parts ($50). Not a lot of money and we can afford to pay.
Note, this car is used for commuting only (not racing) and is carefully maintained by a seasoned mechanic at our local Toyota dealership. Failure of the Barnette's supplied intake gasket is a reflection of its quality only.
This complaint is submitted as a courtesy to other potential buyers from Barnette's. If the warranty is important to you, please factor this complaint into your purchasing decision.
Thanks, Ken

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  • Bi
      Feb 29, 2012

    In Oct. 2010 I purchased a rebuilt 2000 Grand Cherokee V8 engine from Barnette's. It started throwing codes for misfiring on two cylinders, and had oil in the water . Called them and then Changed coil packs and flushed the engine . Turned out to be my intake manifold for the oil, not Barnette's fault . OK but still misfiring now on three or more cylinders . Called again Low oil pressure on the right Its now Sept 2011 My mechanic was trying to diagnose why it was still misfiring and the right head blew . . Barnette's had us put it out with all the tin on and sent it to them .Once there Steve said the warranty was voided because the heat tabs started to melt. I wouldn't pay them more to fix the problem, so they sent it back to me without checking out what the problem was . Then charged me for the round trip shipping! I repaired all and it was still misfiring . replaced the cam and crank sensors . replaced the right side cam tension-er More tests the right side oil pressure is two low oil. One of the oil galley's is blocked . Mr Barnette told me that if there is oil in/on the head it is not blocked . I am almost 6000 into this repair .
    Mr Barnette insulted my mechanic while questioning him on the events of the past year and got mad because the mechanic said the problem was the fault of the engine in the first place . Every question was geared to point blame on the repair or the use of the engine but not accepting that the oil line is plugged . I have no vehicle
    Bottom line I didn't have a chance with this company if you believe in a warranty to protect you then I suggest you buy somewhere else . I did every thing Barnette's asked to no avail . Good luck to you if you go with them.

    Thanks, Tim

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  • Cl
      Aug 03, 2012

    This company will not honor their warrant. I just was told my engine over heated and it is not covered. When I got this motor back it used 2 quarts
    Of oil every to weeks. They told me it was a bad install. This is not over,
    I paid these Poole 3850 to fix a motor and got back
    A a pill of junk. I am filing a suit on
    Theses no good people.

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  • Cl
      Aug 03, 2012

    They always blame the person who put the engine in the car or truck. The this company should be closed down and the people who work their placed in jail for stealing money. Barnett engine company is a company that out to take people money. Please never send your motor to this place . Take it from a person who is out of 3850 to this sorry company and 2000 to have engine placed in truck then have to take it out because it used oil. They will not honor the warranty although after reading it it is not much of a warranty.

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  • 4i
      Nov 30, 2012

    Very bad people. Dishonest! Always doing the song and dance routine. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • 4i
      Dec 03, 2012

    If any of you are interested in joining me in a class action suit, please call [protected]

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  • Ni
      Dec 05, 2016

    sadly joining this club barnetts is a joke.. engine ate 1 timing gear in 4k and bad noise across the head...prolly toasted... followed break in per barnetts instructions now they wont even talk to me on the phone. trying to get me to pay almost $500 in warranty shipping.. engine ran great no issues at 153k just wanted to freshen the engine as the body was solid after sending a perfectly good running engine to barnetts i now have a pile of junk.they sent in return .. would like to add i had to send them my engine becuase they couldnt find one to rebuild so they ruined a running n working engine after they worked on it and now are hiding behind their joke of a warranty . i will be looking into sueing barnetts DO NOT USE BARNETTS FROM VIRGINA ! THEY ARE RIP OFFS FRUADS AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE AND THEY DO NOT HOLD UP THIER WARRANTY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. you would be better of doing the work yourself sadly

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