Barnes & Noblestaff members

Me and my 2 friends were quietly studying for our psychology exam in the kids section (because there are no outlets and seats in the cafe/ its too noisy) and a staff member approaches us out of nowhere as if she was targeting us and says "absolutely not", then lists everything we are "doing wrong". She comes back after 30 seconds and again tells us, making us feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable & wanting to leave immediately.See Top 10 Worst Companies in East Brunswick, NJI truely wish i got her name, but when i went to find her after we got up (very upset) she had dissapeared. I think this was an act of racism because 2 of us were Indian and the other was wearing a head scarf. We were in the same spot 3 days in a row, doing the same thing and were never called out. In fact, other staff members walked by and said nothing. This was an act of discrimation and racism and all three of us felt violated. This happened in the east brunswick location.

Apr 27, 2017

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