Barnes & Noble / rude employee

El Paso, TX, United States

At the El Paso Fountains at Farah store I was browsing books at a bottom shelf. I was in heels so I sat that way I can pull and compare books without breaking my ankles. So this employee comes by and tells me "cafe or chairs only" and that I'm a safety hazard in a store that isn't even very busy at that time. Okay so how am I supposed to browse the shelf if I can't look at it? That in itself would have been fine, but then he walked past an aisle where two girls had been on the floor for a long while. They were chatting, sitting on the floor, and had their bags and books around them. He looked down the aisle and ignored them. So I'm a hazard looking for something to buy, but they aren't?

Jun 08, 2017

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