Barnes & Noble / returns

On Wednesday, November 29th I came into a Barnes and Noble and purchased a book, along with a coffee. After checking my receipt I realized that I had been overcharged by $2 and asked for a refund for the money. The lady at the counter said she would call a manager, but that she herself could not handle the refund. She then called a manager, however, it took 37 minutes before anyone showed up. During the time that I was waiting the woman behind the counter never apologized, nor even spoke to me. Once a manager finally arrived, he also did not apologize or acknowledge the fact that I had to wait 37 minutes because of faulty planning on the management staff here at this store. When I mentioned my wait time to the manager, he proceeded to tell me that he was on lunch, and that my wait time was beyond his problem. As a retail manager myself, this is extremely uncalled for, and should result in some sort of disciplinary action. An apology should have at least been offered at minimum if nothing else. Their behavior was completely uncalled for and terribly rude, I will definitely never been coming back to this store.

Nov 29, 2017

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