Barnes & Noble / return of merchandise

Hartford, CT, United States

Returned clothing in the Barnes and Nobles UConn bookstore located in 18 Front St, Hartford, Connecticut.

Cashier was giving me a hard time for no apparent reason. I was returning two items out of the three on the receipt, which I had use a $10 gift card on and the remaining balance with my credit card. They told me that I would have to have return in the form of $10 gift card. This does not make sense, because the third item’s, which I’m not returning, value was much greater than $10, so the gift card should apply towards it. Then they went into the back to get the supervisor or manager, she told me that she may not be able to make the return because the item was bought in Storrs, CT. She also told me that at Hartford the return policy for clothing is within 30 days. Both of which does not seem to be correct. I ask her where is the return policy of within 30 days for clothing written? She could not provide an answer. I showed her the receipt does not specify time of return for clothing. She then proceeded to fiddle with the computer for 15 min and saying that she might not be able to do it because the register is “not taking” the numbers. But for some miraculous reason, after trying it for the 4th time, the register was able to take the retuen and everything went smoothly.

I don’t understand why they make you jump through hoops for a legitimate return? I have long been a barnes and noble customer and have loved shopping any of your stores in the nation. This is the first time I have encounter such passive aggressive action. I’m not sure whether it is because the store is new and the staff aren’t yet trained, if that’s so why do they have to lie about th return policy? This baffles me...I don’t believe this is the image that barnes and noble like to portry and wouldn’t want a bad apple to ruin the basket, hence the reason for my writing. The attitude of the supervisor/manager clearly dictates her staff, I would draw caution if this was one of my own store.

Oct 15, 2017

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