Barnes & Noblecd I bought that can't be return nor refund

I bought 2 CDs at $87.39 yesterday April 29 at Barnes and Noble 3000 Stevens Creek Blvd San Jose. Less than 24 hours I bought them back and request for refund as after opening it I found them not the contents I want. Store manager said as it is CD, we have policy that once opened it can't be returned.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Jose, CAFirst of all, this is something very expensive compare to books. For books you have 14 days return policy, why not a CD. Both has copy rights, both can be copied.
I cannot accept this answer of not able to return nor refund if it is opened. Frankly if I haven't open, I would not know what it is about. If I have known what it is about, I would not have bought it!

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

Apr 30, 2017

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