Barnes and Noble / special order made at the store

United States

On the 7th of december I order a 3-d printer from barnes and noble. I actually went into the store and spoke with a representative hoping for a good result if I worked with a knowledgable human being. I was assured that while the printers were not in stock in the store, they were in stock at the warehouse in reno nevada and that if I bought one they would ship it to me and it would be here for christmas. So I made the purchase. After a week of no notice of shipping I called the help desk and after being transferred a few times I was basically told, the item was not in stock and that no assurances could be made as to when it would be, no guarantee it would arrive for christmas. Today they tell me that the have cancelled the filament I ordered because its out of stock, but that they can't cancel the printer because it is in process somehow, but no info on delivery. They have my money. They are keeping it. They assured me I would have it already. I don't have it. They keep telling me they appreciate my business. Well why not the have my money and have not done anything they said they would. Do not order from these people. They are either intentionally manipulating you, or they are incompetent. Either way, not worth the risk.

Dec 17, 2015

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