SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / plastic jewelry set/no return or store exchange

Brambleton, VA, United States
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I bought a jewelry set from It was for $549.95 dollars. It came after 6 months as oppose to the advertisement of arriving in 2 months. Once it arrived it was like a plasticy cheap set. I would log into and I would be able to speak to a representative by the name of Mushood. He stated, he would work with me and I should return the jewelry set, and a store credit would be issued. And this time prior to dispatching the set, he would send an image of it across. I had paid for the set on 11/4/2009 $549.95 through Google checkout. After months of no communication, no call backs from Mushood, no emails, and he was no longer available on the live chat, as all together that is not working.

And suddenly I get an email today saying that I attempted a charge back, and so there will be no credit. And the audacity to tell me about another fraudulent business they have opened up Where is my money? Where is my jewelry set?

Please do not buy anything, and if you do it's better for you to keep it and sell it for even $50 cents on E-BAY. This company or should I say companies are crooks. They took my money, the returned jewelry set at Houston, TX office and now I have nothing. Is that how they stay in business? Conning ppl?

My parents told me not to trust PAKISTANI jewrelers, and then online. But no I actually thought since they had great pictures, and Mushood would be in constant contact, and they had youtube would be different.

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