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Hong Kong

Dear sir/madam,

Cc: boc life, hk monetary authority, office of the commissioner of insurance

I obtained an insurance product through the telesales of the credit centre of bank of china, the insurance product is called well-assure refundable accident ins plan. I am the policy owner ong wee ming, policy number is [protected]. Policy is attached.

The monthly premium payment of hkd635 is settled by my boc credit card automatically. By the dec of 2016, I found that the credit card’s e-statement had no record of the premium payment, so I contacted to the branch of boc in person on dec of 2016. The boc staff told me that the policy is lapsed on the june of 2015, due to the monthly premium had not been made. It caused by the loss of my credit card ie the last two digits credit card numbers of the reissued credit card is different from the original credit card, so the premium was unable to charge from the reissued card automatically.

I asked why boc never contact me about this issue. The staff replied that boc and boc life are different companies. Boc would not help to update the contact to boc life, also would not inform boc life about the card number had been changed.

I am unsatisfactory with boc not taking responsibility on this case:
1. The telesales was calling from boc credit card centre and the premium was also settled by boc credit card. The telesales did not introduce the relationship between boc and boc life. I did not recognize boc and boc life are two different companies
2. According to the website of boc, boc is the agent of boc life, it is the responsibility of boc as an agent to update their client information to boc life.

I received a cheque of hkd4, 318 to close this case. It was not a term life insurance and I had already paid hkd43, 180 since 2009. I request to re-action policy and to compensate the loss.

Please contact me at 5545 2866 email: [protected] or my wife mrs angel wong at 6771 3699.

Ong wee ming

May 10, 2017

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