Bank Mobile Vibe / unethical behavior

They were once known as HigherOne. They either got bought out or rebranded as Bankmobile.

They have gotten worse. A merchant figured out their statute of limitations and used it to trick me out of my money with no recourse. They then snarkily told me on the phone that getting a school refund doesn't mean I am a student. My school got on their case for that.

I had another dispute with a merchant back in May 2018. The merchant agreed to the charge back mid June. Bankmobile claims that the merchant hasn't responded to their inquiry but the merchant gave me documentation showing that was a lie. Their response was to tell me that even though my money is ready to pull, they will be holding the money(less than $120) till the end of July because they feel like it. While this was going on I ran out of money and has been starving for weeks and was told that it was ok to starve while they negligently hold my money.

My school released my money this Monday before 2PM. 2 PM if you don't know is when banks consider it a new day. Bankmobile has yet to release my money. Thanks to 4th July, no banks are gonna be processing anything Wednesday so that means I won't see a penny til Thursday. I needed that money for my mother's birthday, to eat, for Fourth July celebrations, and most importantly to pay my rent. I now have financial penalties due to their sadistic asses. I even had a health check up and them starving me is causing me health issues.

I try to get in contact with the higher ups but conveniently the manager is never in. Just a useless supervisor who is only there to be a broken record.

Bankmobile is literal killing me and doing it with a smile.

Fast Forward, looks like bankmobile is trying to have the truth of my experience silenced.

Aug 06, 2018

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