Bank Alfalahtransfer of funds through cheque which did not materialize

Dear sir,
1. I write to highlight an act which is considered to be failure on part of staff of Bank Alfalah Limited: 40-A, Satellite Town Branch, Gujranwala, in relation to delayed processing of cheque.
(a) On 29th November, 2018 we deposited a cheque of Meezan Bank amounting to Rs.1, 151, 700/- (Eleven Lac, Fifty One Thousand, Seven Hundred Only). The cheque was to be credited to M/S Multi Pharma having A/C#0008-[protected]. Unfortunately, the bank did not credited the amount to A/C#0008-[protected] till 04th December, 2018 until we found out that it was still in Bank Alfalah, Satellite Town Branch.
(b) On 04th December, 2018 the M/S Multi Pharma informed us that your firm's cheque has not been credited to our account so far and they have received the information that same has been dishonored. On this we visited the Bank Alfalah Satellite Town Branch, Gujranwala and highlighted the issue. On this one Mr. Usman very rudely replied us that "you must not be having balance in your account". It is pertinent to highlight that we were constrained to deposit cash in the mentioned account by paying Withholding Income Tax amounting to Rs.3, 455(Approx.) just to save the reputation and clear doubts on our integrity. Thereafter, we visited the branch manager Mr. Raza Muhammad Anwar who not only extended the required courtesy but also offered delicious cup of coffee. The bank manager called concerned offices and apprised us that the cheque could not be processed due to some alterations, to which we requested him to please provide us the Memorandum Slip (stating the objection for non-clearance of cheque) but he showed his inability and suggested us to file a formal complaint.
(c) Sir, in our opinion the staff of Bank Alfalah Limited, Satellite Town Branch, Gujranwala failed to act in accordance with banking by-laws and guide lines provided by State Bank of Pakistan due to which not only our reputation was questioned but also we suffered the financial loss.

2. Forgone in view, it is requested that my grievances/complaint may please be redressed/investigated in fair, transparent and efficient manner. Copies of cheque and deposit slip are attached for your ready reference and perusal.


Ghulam Qadir Lodhi
Managing Partner
GQ Traders.

Dec 08, 2018

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