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Bank Alfalah Credit Card / bank hooliganism

1 p-53, water works roadjaranwala, Pakistan Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 00923457771571

Hearing our prime minister in his maiden speech made in the national assembly at the time of winning the election taking strict notice of the abuses of certain commercial banks and their staff at the time of their debt collection, a hope was generated that installation of a democratic dispensation in Islamabad will certainly bring about a positive change in the attitude of these banks and their staff who in the name of debt collection were writing the tales of suppression and cruelty against the citizenry of this country and were compelling the people to commit suicides in the face of humiliating treatment meted out to them through the hooligans especially hired by these banks to harass the people.
Keeping in view this dismal record of outrageously exploitative and oppressive behavior displayed by certain commercial banks in the past, Fair Debt Collection Guidelines to banks and DFIs for addressing customers/borrowers grievances issued on November 4, 2008 by the State Bank of Pakistan blew a breath of fresh air generating a hope that issuing of these guidelines by the SBP will go to a large extent in molding the behavior of these banks to the tune of a reasonably civic and lawful conduct. But to the sheer disappointment of the citizenry of this country, these banks and their staff who consider this state as their personal domain are neither willing nor prepared to bring in a civilized change in their anachronistically cruel attitude required under the instructions of the prime minister and in line with the guidelines issued by the State Bank of Pakistan.
It is clearly mentioned in these guidelines that an advance notice will be required to be served to the customer when bank/DFI staff picks up the payment and if it is done on customer’s request then it should be properly recorded. It is further mentioned in the same guidelines that their collection/recovery staff do not transfer or misuse any personal data of the customers/borrowers without their prior approval and that if any bank/DFI has already developed its debt collection code of conduct, the same shall appropriately be modified in line with these guidelines.
And what happened on November 17, 2008 with this scribe is a sad tale of sheer violation and derision of these guidelines at the hands of Miss.Najia Hafeez, Manager Collection, Bank Alfalah under whose instructions these guidelines were reduced to a mere mockery when an amount of Rs.193736.50 was debited forcefully from my account No.[protected] at Bank Alfalah Jaranwala branch. Not any prior notice was served nor any need was felt to take my consent. What term should we assign to this conduct if it is not a sheer hooliganism. It is a blatant mockery of the SBP guidelines and a cruel derision of the maiden speech made by the Prim Minister in the National Assembly. Under the pretext of holding a debt authority letter that I am supposed to have signed at the time of issuing a credit card in 2007, this bank in its maniac obsession of inflicting crushing misery upon its customers had traversed all bounds of business ethics and lawful conduct.
I was badly shocked and traumatized. It was really a shattering experience. One can easily imagine what amount of trust I was left with in this bank after experiencing this blatant hooliganism and forceful extortion of money from my own account and that too under the very shadow of aforementioned guidelines issued by the State Bank of Pakistan. I had already been fighting against the discriminate and arbitrary blockage of my credit card and an unjustifiable mark up imposed in the aftermath of this blockage.
I had already experienced humiliation at the hands of this bank when my credit card [protected] with the credit limit of Rs.237000 was arbitrarily blocked without producing any viable explanation and when an apology was demanded by this scribe which was my right, the card was cancelled by the white elephants of this caring bank without feeling an iota of shame or remorse while this hapless scribe had been using the card for about one year paying all of his dues including principal amounts, markups, credit cover premium, SMS and other service charges on time without causing even a single delay. As a result of transactions conducted on my credit card, I had been able to earn 14943 points over a period of one year. But then suddenly in the month of April 2008, my credit card was blocked and I was directed to visit the bank to sign a paper for unblocking it.
In a country where a micro credit facility is not appropriately provided by the government to its people, these commercial banks and their staff have become a great tool of exploitation and oppression. They have become the instrumentality of an anachronistic bureaucratic mindset inflicting upon the people an exorbitant amount of disrespect and humiliation. It happens that when a credit card is issued to a person, it is blocked after some time arbitrarily, and he or she is made to visit the bank and is humiliated under one pretext or the other.
I am greatly puzzled as to under what criteria these people, who know neither the letter nor the spirit of the service sector are hired by these organizations on attractive packages and are offered lucrative salaries, perks and other privileges. Can any one from the higher echelons of the bank ask for an explanation from Mr. Mansoor, Manager Consumer Services and Mr. Fayyas Mughal, Manager Risk Management Unit as to what does it actually constitute to be a business transaction allegedly conducted on my card for which it was blocked. Make a try to ferret out an answer and it will be a sheer non-sense and rubbish. These people do not deserve these seats. Sooner they are disposed of their services better is it for this CARING BANK.
A contract implies to be between the two parties who are equally bound by certain terms and conditions and are equally required to behave in a certain way under a certain law and it is never meant to be a one-way traffic between a sovereign and his subjects which was possible in the sixteenth and seventeenth century England and in not possible to enforce in the contemporary circumstances.
Even then Mr. Fayyas Mughal through a number of telephonic conversations and correspondence which took place between him and this scribe was bent upon bringing me round that this bank holds an absolute authority over both the ownership and use of the credit card and that it can be blocked or cancelled at any time without giving any reason or accepting any liability of any kind. What a Hobbesian concept of law. Had this seventeenth century English writer been alive, he would certainly have embraced Mr. Fayyas Mughal for this brilliant interpretation of law. So far as I have been able to make a reading of the fundamental rights enshrined in the 1969 constitution, no citizen of this country can either be denied a free access to a product or service available to a common citizenry in the country nor can it be discontinued if provided earlier without a lawful reason or cause if he or she still agrees to avail himself or herself of it while fulfilling all the obligations stipulated by the relevant law.
Trust is the essence of banking. There is always a relationship between a bank and its customers purely based upon an unbreakable bound of trust. If there is a breach of this trust, no such relation can even be thought to exist and no banking activity of any sort can be imagined to take place.
On November 22, 2008 I was phoned by Mr.Bilal from the regional office Faisal Abad and after consulting with his country head he accepted all of my three demands of unblocking my credit card, removing the extra mark-up being charged since the blocking and sending me a written apology for experiencing an inconvenience and that too within one week only. I was also directed by him to immediately deposit Rs.7700 against my credit card account so that the above-mentioned commitments could be fulfilled and the facility could be restored. I made the payment then and there in response to this call. But to sheer disappointment of mine, none of the commitments was fulfilled even after the lapse of one month. When I myself phoned Mr. Bilal again to remind him of this breach, he told me to off the call as his country head himself would call me up within a few minutes. However neither the country head nor Mr. Bilal turned up again.
In all the civilized countries, banks and other organizations working especially in the service sector are supposed to know the true essence of their services they promise to provide to their customers. Moreover they, being the part of their deal, never hesitate to render an apology if an inconvenience is caused to any customer or a blunder committed by any official or an employee of the bank. Their true motto is always to serve their customers always in a state-of-the-art fashion. Moreover to protect the interests of the consumers, in such countries laws are enacted, institutions are constituted under these laws and are strengthened further with the help of the state.
But what kind of polity we are? What kind of a banking it is? And what kind of a state and its institutions these are which are supposedly there to protect the consumer rights and interests? These monstrous multinationals once allowed to enter the state boundaries, sooner than later, turn into colonial powers and start behaving like masters unleashing untold humiliation and suffering upon their subjects. Once on the payroll of these multinationals, these so called managers and executive officers are rendered loyal neither to their own state nor to these very organizations. Perhaps it is a universal truth that the heart at one’s bosom turns into a stone the moment one joins a bank.
It is one thing to make a law or issue guidelines and it is quite another to implement them in true letter and spirit. I firmly believe that even if one, for one reason or another gets defaulted of a bank, it does not snatch from him or her the right to live or self-respect. This is exactly what I have been able to make out of the readings of a number of constitutions of the world that I was able to do over a period of time.
On October 28, 2008 an off-court settlement plan was thrust upon me by this bank and I was also directed to submit my first installment on October 30 otherwise the same will be cancelled. First of all it was not a properly negotiated deal as none of my proposals was accommodated in it. In the second place installments were too large for me to pay and last but not the least I was given only two days to make the first installment which was not possible for me due to financial constraints. Summarily I needed further negotiation with the bank to reach the final settlement.
How is it possible for one under a law to authorize another person or organization to secretly and forcefully pick up an amount from his or her account without taking his or her prior approval. It is ridiculous because it implies that I am authorizing you with my own free will to commit an extortion or fraud against myself when and where it pleases you. Even if there exists such a law or any such document signed by my ‘FREE WILL, ’ under what business ethics or SBP guidelines, this rogue bank under the auspices of Miss Najia Hafeez Manager Collection has run away with Rs.193736 from my Account Number [protected] at Bank Alfalah Jaranwala Branch while my statement of account shows a payment of Rs.8200 made on November 01 2008? Who will bring to book Mr. Ahsan Ijaz Manager Jaranwala Branch for a breach of my trust and a committing of misappropriation of my account. An FIR must be registered against Miss. Najia Hafeez for both violating these SBP guidelines and perpetrating this fraudulent extortion and brutal hooliganism against this hapless person.
People when forced against the wall like this, either commit suicide or become suicide bombers under the irresistible duress of the circumstances. Although it was not my fault yet I was prepared for a negotiated settlement and was also in a position to pay my dues in small installments. Yet I was not allowed any such option and was forced against the wall by the very bank that had been earning exorbitant amounts of markups and other service charges in the past. The amount taken by the bank did not belong to me and to settle it later, I had to sell the ornament of my daughter to save my honor and self-respect.
At the international airports we are made to form separate queues and stand denuded on the pretext of a frisk. At home we are shoe-beaten by these multinationals like this only to commit suicide or turn into a suicide bomber in the face of these humiliating treatments.
In view of the facts mentioned above, I make an appeal to concerned authorities to initiate necessary action against this bank and those of its officials responsible for perpetrating this extortion and hooliganism thus inflicting untold agony, misery and suffering upon this hapless person. Such an action will go a long way to restore the trust and confidence of the people both upon themselves and in the state badly lost over the past few years or so.

Ijaz butt
P-53, water works road, jaranwala pakistan
A copy of this plaint is being sent to the following dignitaries and institutions for a redress.

  • Anthony Sam's Response, Oct 03, 2017

    Sir I made my transaction on 14 August 2017 sum of 600/Rs but I received my bill now on 3rd Oct 2017 with late fee charges, because when i received my bill then I should pay.
    So kindly reverse my late fee charges l'll be highly obliged for this kind favor.
    Anthony Samuel

  • Shafqat Safder's Response, Oct 19, 2017


  • Aasim Zahir's Response, May 15, 2018

    My cell no is incorrect, please check it with your records. Thanx

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  • Mu
      28th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I firmly agree with Mr. Ijaz Butt. I think This type of Blood Suckers “Bank Alfalah” should be banned in Pakistan. They have designed a lot of traps to capture innocent people.

  • Jo
      19th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes


  • Ab
      15th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    main ne credit card k through shopping ki us k badh bank ko tamam payment lumpsum pay kar di phir after 10 month mere ghar pe aik banda aya bank alfalah ki taraf se aur mere ghar walon se kehne laga k adnan kaha hai mere ghar walon ne kaha wo office gaya howa hai us per wo admi kehne laga wo jab bi aye use bank bej dain werna acha nahi hoga aur main phir ap k ghar a jaon ga ap ko tang karne k liye, next day jab main bank gaya aur un se poocha k bhai mere ghar kon aya tha jo badtameezi kar k gaya hai tu waha pe aik shakhs ne mujhe marna shuro kar dorna aik lady ai tu us ne bhi poocha mere ghar pe kis ne gundey beje they tu wo larka aur ishteal main aa gaya aur us larki ko chamat mar di jis ki video main ne bana li.phir un logo ne mujhe video banate howe dekha tu muj se mera mobile cheen liye jis main memory card tha aur 7 hour tak mujhe waha pe kidnap rakha aur mujhe bohot maar aaur kaha ab jao jo karna hai kar lo.jis ki FIR main ne ferozabad police station main katwa di.

  • Zu
      26th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    After reading the complaints of different people the attitude of Bank Staff is not appreciable.

  • Mi
      5th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    all these type of complaints are wrong bcoz i have personally experience to meet the staff of bank alfalah they are very respectful to others these type of people are just trying to creat bad image upon people due to their jelusy.
    muhammad zeeshan, punjab university IBIT dept. 03134043005
    muhammad asif virk, punjab university IBIT dept

  • Za
      13th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear Sir,


    I have been using Bank Alfalah’s visa credit card and went into a settlement recently. I was required to pay five monthly instalments PKR5, 000 each which I did as per your bank’s terms and conditions detailed of the settlement confirmation latter. I received two statements even after the last instalment was paid with a minimum deposit payable mentioned on the statements. I called-up your help-line to enquire and they said I would be receiving my statement with a ‘0 balance’ in due course. They also gave me Lahore local collection department’s number and asked me to get in touch with them. I called up the given number and they said that I am required to visit them some due which they said were late charges or something like that. The thing is I cannot visit you in Lahore and I am not sure what kind of charges are being imposed on me. Simply I am not willing to pay those charges.

    Now that I am done with my payment, I am receiving threatening text messages from some anonymous mobile numbers. The most recent text message that I have received on my mobile is below:

    ‘Dear customer This is bank alfalah legal & Recovery deptt. Today is your 3rd statement date and your credit will be forward for cancellation and default list of ECIB data check of state bank. Deposit Rs.1200 today before 5pm. Call back or send sms on this no.
    bank alfalah’

    From: +923214413992
    Date: 10 December 2010
    Time 02:32 p.m.

    I tried calling back this number but no response. Is this what you call a ‘Caring Bank’ attitude?

    I passed on the above text message including my card details to Mr Zeeshan (the settlement officer who dealt with my settlement case). Infact I contacted Mr Zeeshan (Cell: +923334287875) twice and forwarded him my details and text messages. He promised to call me back and look into this matter. To date I have never received a response from Mr Zeeshan.

    I called up your help-line again and they said my card was already cancelled! What kind of inconsistent messages are you giving to your customers?

    I mean you threat your customers in such a pathetic way!


    Card No: 4025 8100 9018 2002

  • Cr
      17th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Anyone here who says that Al Falah is a Caring bank and people who say nasty things about them are jelous...must really try delaying a payment once.
    I have had 5 credit cards from 5 different banks...Al falah credit card limit was somewhere in the middle of all the cards. I recall I was out of the city once and became one month overdue and an Al Falah representative called me... My god he was soooo rude. Image someone at my designation and specially someone who always pays on time hearing that sort of a tone and agression on a first time ever delay... honestly I have had delays with other banks as well due to my frequent travel but no other bank has ever behaved this way. Generally I get a call from a bank saying " sir, just wanted to know what happened this time, as you are always on time with your payments?" I would tell them the reason and they would ask for a payment date and finish thats all.
    Anyhows, these people from banks have Credit Card insurance so honestly they dont loose a penny if someone defaults. I dont know why thye still love to harras the people???

    I know a person who open fired at a UBL recovery agent who came to his home and was creating nonsense outside his home. They never came or called him again.

    A lesson for everyone ;)

  • Mr
      2nd of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Dear all I certainly agree with all. Just yesterday my husband was mentally tortured by a person named Naveed recovery office who is based at Business Avenue Centre, Alfalah Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi. I am was holder a card which is now cancelled and returned back and blocked as well. I have already paid triple the amount on this card which said free forever, but yet the balanace according to Mr Farhan collection officer is somewhere around 200, 000/- including mark up late fees, services etc. Till I could do payments I've done but then I lost my job could not do payment but nevertheless I did say I could pay Rs.1500/- per month and did on 12.10.2012 but yesterday Mr Naveed call up my residence and just started with a abusive tone calling my husband Kutay Ka Bacha and a whole lot of abusives for atleast half an hour, my husband told him to watch his tone but yet no change in his attitude. My husband is already jobless for last four years and at the moment I too do not have a permanet job hence I give tuttions. At this age of our 51 & 55 years we are not going not get job. Alfalah hirs these type of goondas to harras customers especially non-muslim like us, as we are peace loving community, when we told Naved we have to say our prayers, on this he tells my husband forget your prayers, payment is more important as though Mr Naveed gave us this card on his behalf. In case Naveed or Farhan come to our residence they will get a real thrashing for using such dirty, filthy language that my husband did not tell me. So one can imagine if Naveed had to speak to me what would he have said to me, we will not go to visit this office but will certainly wait for both these goondas to come to our house and Alfalfh will realise what type of collection staff they have hired just to get their commission.

  • Mr
      18th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    This is reference to my complaint above. On 13th November I visited the branch at Business Avenue Karachi 6th floor to meet the collection people Farhan/Naved. At their office receiption since they were not around their Manager took my call and asked for my card number which I gave. He asked me my problem and thereafter informed me that my card has been written off but nevertheless he called me to the office inside. I gave my application to him he made us sit for atleast for one hour explaing everything giving us a lot of examples saying I have to pay, he also kep my application and when I told him since my card has been written off, then means no payment is required from me, as my card has been written off. The other officer I could not get his name instead of listening to me he was in favor of his collection person Farhan telling me he was doing his job, which means they can talk to customers in whichever tone they feel like. Anyways since this card is written off, I do not think that I need to make any further payments at all.

  • Mu
      26th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Sir, i have deposited the Cheque of Rs. 65170 deposited on dated 31 dec-13 whereas the due date of my bill is 3rd month of each but late payment charges imposed details given below.
    CC # 4025810188741008- Muhammad Humayun
    chq deposited at Abbottabad Cantt Plaza Branch drawn on Meezan Bank Abbottabad Rs. 65170/-
    Thanks, cell # 03218003649

  • Ha
      25th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    sir I got the credit card from bank alfalah. And I submitted my request for step by step repaymeny SBS Repaymeny. The customer care representative at Lahore office recorded my complaint and after that told that the request has been skipped or lost from Lahore office for final procession. after that I was to asked to pay 6012 rupees each month. that I have been repaying each month regularly almost from February 2016.
    following are my complainst

    I have been fined extra fines just because I did not get approved step by step plan. Fact of the matter is that I submitted the request which was not finally processed from Lahore office.
    it is requested that I have been guided by any person from Lahore office so that I can see the history of payments I have made to the bank.

    My repaymeny history may be emailed to me.
    My extra fines may be remitted and added to the repmeny money because it was the Lahore office responsibility to make final my step by step request, My step by step request was recorded but was not finalized in Lahore office.

    and I may be told that what is my remaining balance so that I may rturn so as to get rid of my debt.
    haseeb Uddin azam

  • Ha
      6th of Jul, 2017
    0 Votes

    Subject: Complaint against Alfaha Bank, Masehara Road Abbottabad
    Sir, Your attention is invited to the amount deposited on 12.06.2017 on account of electricity bill for the month of May, 2017 R/ No.17-26421-0750100, (Rs: 936/-) R/No.17-26421-0749700 (Rs:2421) R/No.17-26421-0749800) (Rs:134) but the concerned staff of the bank did not send invoice / statement in respect of deposited well before the concerned PESCO City Division, Abbottabad with the result the aforesaid amounts again incorporated in current bill of June, 2017 due to your negligence / slackness with the result the undersigned faced financial loss / mental torture from the hand of your staff. it is, therefore, requested that the matter may be probed / investigated in to the matter besides, necessary disciplinary action be taken against the delinquent officer / official concerned under intimation to the undersigned, otherwise, a complaint will be lodged before the learned consumer court, Abbottabad against you and your high-ups. An early response will be highly appreciated.

    Habib Ullah Khan Jadoon

  • De
      16th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah - bad service
    haveli lakha

    branch cod 319 haveli lakha okara
    sirf 1 cashiar hai r deposit krwany k lie kam az km 2 hour wait krna prta hai

    wait krne k lie chair b nai hen r AC to wo b bnd
    kya ye hai Alflah ka miaar
    agr next kuch din tk ye theek na hoa to hm kisi r bank me account opn krwa len gy

    only one cashiar watch pics


  • Mu
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah - ATM claim issue

    I have done 3 transactions on my ATM 20000, 10000, 10000 account was debited but no cash received

  • Aa
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah - Long waiting on your call center.

    I waited for more than 8 minutes on with your call center and couldn't get through on 02:37AM, 16 the May 2018. My VISA credit card no is 4025 8104 5407 9349. My cell is 9221 3142001002.

  • Sh
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah - Alfa Orbit Products
    Taunsa Sharif

    Dear Sir, i have redeemed alfa Orbits and still waiting for delivery.. Please contact at 0322.6203075

  • Sa
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah - I have use ATM card date 25/04/2018 20000,10000,10000 but not received cash and receipt.but my account is debited.please resolved

    I have use ATM card date 25/04/2018 approximately 8pm.i make 3 transaction 20000, 10000, 10000.but I have not received cash and ATM account was debited.please resolved my issue

  • Wa
      1st of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah Limited - Over Limit Charges Cancellation Request

    Dear Concern,

    i have been customer of your credit card last more than 6 month and being payment timely even not a single month delay, but last month unfortunately i cross my credit limit slightly above so here is by humble request please cancel the over limit charges which is attached in email,

    looking forward you kind respond

  • Aa
      4th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah Limited - Alfa app and internetbanking

    Dear Team,
    I'm user of alfa app and also internetbanking but recently i changed my number and i want to update my number through internetbanking but still I'm facing problem and unable to change my number
    But i receive my estatement on same email address
    I attached a screens hoot kindly find it.
    I'm waiting for you early response .

  • Sa
      10th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Bank Alfalah Limited - Internet banking

    Please extend my daily limit from 1 million to 2 million.. it will be very easy for my business purpose. I shall be very thankfull to you for this.

    Acc title : shujaullah
    Branch: marda (0067)
    Acc no. 1004226973


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