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Banfield / not true

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I work at banfield. And to the comment about the giardia not working - at banfield if your on a wellness plan its guaranteed and if the dog does get the disease banfield pays for it. Also lyme isn't just in certain parts. Tick in michigan carry it and cases have been found. Recently. So you need to do your research. And by the way - google isn't proof, anyone can make a google site. And I have 3 pets on the wellness plans. And let me tell you vaccines are $20-60. And there are about 8 annual shots so paying $200 a year is a good price, especially with unlimited office calls included in that and a discount on all other products. So I think all of you need to do your research before talking crap.

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  • St
      29th of Sep, 2008

    I work for Banfield In Jacksonville Florida and I can tell you that it is truly unfortunate that because one practice that happens to share the same name can make grief for the Banfield clinics that do a superior job in pet care. I personally have my pets on wellness plans and know first hand of how much money I have saved on just vaccines alone not including the discounts I get on medicines when my pets became ill. I am truly sympathetic with the owners of pets that had such a terrible experience or feel they were ripped off it is truly unfortunate but must all clinics be ridiculed over what experience one person had at a clinic that shares a corporate name "BANFIELD". I have full confidence in the doctor and team I work with and please if anyone takes anything from what I have typed all Banfields are not the same so to say that as a whole we killed your pet or ripped you off thats not the case and unfair to the clinics who really strive to provide quality pet care.

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  • Ba
      5th of Oct, 2008

    I am also an employee of a banfield in CA. I have been a tech/receptionist for about 8 years and have worked for several veterinary practices. I just started at banfield, but it is the most smoothly run clinic I have ever worked in. As with all clinics, most complaints are about the way the hospital is run, unfortunatly that has to do with the vets and office manager. I have worked for both crummy and good practices. A corporate name doesnt mean the practice is run this way. This is unfortunate to see experiences like these listed, but there are good and bad vets just like we experience good and bad doctors. Dont punish banfield...

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  • Sp
      26th of Mar, 2009

    I am doing this as a service to other animals lovers. Stay away from them at all costs. I have a 4 year old cat who is on a prescription diet (suggested by her vet- a legitimate one, not Banfield affiliated) for allergies. She also has heart issues. It was suggested to me that I go to get her prescription diet here... Was told that the cat had to be seen prior to getting a prescription card- had no problem with was reasonable. The vet suggested I get her teeth cleaned (scaled)- again, not a problem. My cat does have issues with her teeth, so this was not new. Here is where the trouble began---- I dropped her off at 7:45am the morning of the 'cleaning'. I was told that I would get an update in a few hours. No one called. I had to call them at 2:00pm to find out what was happening. The nurse said the surgery was 'overbooked' but my cat would be taken back (..never would have left her if I was told the truth). Got a call at 4:00pm saying that my cat is 'out of control', 'very upset'----hmm, you think so, no food or water since the night before...I would be upset too). I get down there- no apology, no explanation-- I had to demand what happened! No one would answer me. From the explanation I got, people were afraid of her...very sad, considering she is only 10 pounds. If you are 'scared' or can't deal with a cat like her...then why are you even working with animals? To top it off-- they gave her pre-anesthesia, while she was angry!- I called the Vet emergency service that I use --- to run this by them. Shocking- those jerks could have killed her. medicine to an agitated cat with heart problems. Even better, I was told to leave her overnight- they 'claim' my cat will calm down once she is used to the environment. I find it HARD to another day with no water/food...and they expect her to calm down? Whatever vet programs admitted these fools need to be fined- they are capable of killing someone's beloved pet. The icing on the cake was that Julie (a doctor?) suggested that if I don't like it, take her some place else... So I said, a professional--- you bet...should have done it in the first place. I just found out that they lied about calling her cardiologist- can't put it into words what I am feeling- liar doesn't begin to cover it.

    I am sure you wouldn't allow your pets to be harmed, etc- you work there but what about the rest of society??

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  • In
      28th of Jun, 2009

    If you work there, check smarthelp. Giardia is not covered enough to treat if it is contracted by the vaccine warranty, only $100 max, possibly less now. I know...I looked it up the other day.

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  • Je
      19th of May, 2010

    Statement 1: Giardia vaccine is needed

    Fact: the vaccine does not greatly reduce the odds of getting giardia. Only about a %12 reduction (not true: please check the manufactures information). Only dog's that are at high risk should be vaccinated.

    Statement 2: Lyme is present in Michigan, therefore Lyme vaccine is needed.

    Fact: Again we need to look at the facts: There has been a lot of question about whether the Lyme vaccine is actually doing any good. There has also been some work that indicates it might make the disease worse! Ticks need to be attached for >24 hours to transmit the disease. Again, only dogs at high risk should have this vaccine! (hint, this is not the 3lb chihuahua puppy). Spend your money where it will be effective, on flea and tick products!

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  • Da
      21st of May, 2010

    I love the comment from the crazy cat lady (I can just tell). First off, pets need to be fasted before any anesthetic procedure, so do humans BTW, thats nothing new. I agree with you that you should have been alerted if they were unable to fit in your pet, that was unacceptable. The fact that your cat was out of control though means your cat was out of control, my guess is that he/she is not well socialized or is just plain evil (sorry, but I calls them as I sees them). Anyhow, a fractious cat isnt nothing new in the vet world and even though they can be handled with the proper drugs you CAN NOT blame people for not wanting to get scratched or bit, no more than you can blame a construction worker for not wanting to get hit in the head with a 4x4. Just because it is a job hazard doesnt mean its okay if its happens. I hate people who think getting bit and scratched is acceptable and expected in the vet industry, ITS NOT. I landed 1 month in the hospital for a cat scratch that could have killed me, so I dont take these things lightly. And have you ever dealt with a cat who wanted to kill you with every ounce of its being??!? My guess would be No. Now it does like you had a crummy DVM, but use your common sense lady. Why would you want to put your pet under anesthesia for an elected procedure when you know it has all these issues? You should take some personal responsibilty for your decision as well, no one made you drive your pet in and dropped it off.

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  • Pe
      30th of Jul, 2010

    WOW!! See the attitude that's a typical Banfield emplyee for you. It's probably the vet I had yesterday 7/29/10 for my dog. He treated me like dirt and spoke to me like I was a loser off the street just like this Banfield employee...loser we did do our research that's why we are here...WHY ARE YOU????

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  • Hi
      14th of Mar, 2011

    1. you forgot to mention that all full time banfield employees receive 3 free basic plans, so of course it is beneficial for you to have your pets on one.
    2. the Giardia vaccination is not given, it has been discontinued for the longest time and yet is still on the plan.
    3. the Lyme vaccination is pushed to get more out of the plan.
    4. the "crazy cat lady" commenter, only someone who has absolutely no experience with cats will have a problem handling them. in my experience Banfield Hospitals do not like cats and sometimes refuse them just on that principle.
    5. Banfield "Vets" are either fresh out of school or shipped in from other countries in which obtaining a vet degree is easier, none of their doctors have any knowledge in anything.
    If you want to keep your pet Healthy and Alive stay away from Banfield. also Banfield does not pay for anything... they will always find an excuse that it is the clients fault...(and yes I know these things, i am a former employee) I am a former employee due to my pet being harmed at a Banfield Hospital. If they dont care about their own employees pets, what makes you think they care about yours!!

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  • Mo
      14th of Mar, 2011

    Sparkle didn't sound like a "crazy cat lady" to me. She sounded like someone who loved and cared about her pet.

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  • Pe
      15th of Mar, 2011

    I posted on here back in April of 2010 about the vet at banfield made me give my dog a vaccination that I didn't want him to I stated in my complaint I was going to leave with my dog and he told me that if I left he would call the police on me and they would take my dog and put him to sleep...NICE VET HUH? So needless to say, my dog got the shot and died 9 frigin months later...really I HATE ALL VETS...they suck...I will take care of my own frigin animals

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  • Mo
      15th of Mar, 2011

    What did your dog have that they were going to call the police if you left? Sorry that happened to you, I have two dogs and can't imagine something like that happening.

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  • Qu
      19th of Apr, 2011


    Obviously not.

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  • St
      20th of Mar, 2012

    first off yes Banfield employees do get 3 free ESSENTIAL wellness plans (doesn't include the dental cleaning, xrays, urinalysis, etc) but that doesn't mean anything. I have six dogs and I have all six of my dogs on wellness plans- I pay out of pocket for three of them. The thing with the wellness plans people do not understand is that they are not insurance and they do not pay for everything! Nothing in life is free! The wellness plans cover the pets recommended yearly preventative care. It is up to the owner if they want to sign up for the WP or not- no body is forced to sign up on the plans. My seeing with the plans is that if you are actually going to use the services provided then go for it but if you are never going to bring your pet in and not get them the recommended vaccines then do not sign up for the plan! When you sign up for the WP and then months later complain about the plan because it doesn't pay for everything in the world you are just making yourself look bad.
    second- yes the giardia vaccines were discontinued but were given up until they were discontinued. the WP booklets did take a little longer to become updated but the prices did change when the vaccine was taken away. And the vaccine WAS guaranteed if the pet got the disease (and it is common is almost any pet in any state because Giardia comes from stagnate water and well it rains everywhere!
    third: the lyme vaccine is not "pushed" to get more out of the plan. lyme disease is an untreatable disease that has been found in many different areas. Vet professionals recommend the vaccination to provide the quality care your pet deserves. Again nobody forces you to do the vaccine- just say no!
    fourth: your statement "the "crazy cat lady" commenter, only someone who has absolutely no experience with cats will have a problem handling them. in my experience Banfield Hospitals do not like cats and sometimes refuse them just on that principle" is bogus. Everybody has their own preferences of pets- some people like rats over dogs or cats some people like hamsters over fish etc. Just because some people are not the fondest of cats doesn't mean every banfield doesn't like cats. EVERY BANFIELD IS DIFFERENT!!! I got bit a coworkers cat on 12-28 and had to have emergency surgery because it got very infected and ate away my tendon and muscle and began spreading very fast. I have over 3 years of experience handling cats in multiple different situations and some situations do call for different measures especially for cats. But cat bites and scratches are one the worst a person can get so you can not blame somebody for being cautious when dealing with a fractious cat. And BTW cats are unpredictable if you didn't know (they are from a family who are born with wild life instincts and those instincts can kick any whenever they want in a cat. My cat who I had for 14 years was the sweetest thing in the world when she was at home but the second she got the vet from her first visit (8weeks old) to her last (14 years- the day I had to put her down) she became very fractious and fought with all her might to get away (with claws and teeth) but then she got home and was loving once again. Cats do not like changes AT ALL!! so please before you try to say that the only people who are afraid or cautious with cats are ones with no experience how about you go deal with them and get bit or scratched and go through all the trouble it causes and then let me know how you feel about your statement again.
    fifth thing- not all vets that work at banfield are "fresh out of school" or "shipped from a different country". if you dont realize there are many different vet schools and yes some are in the UK but they are not any easier to get into and they do not teach any differently! the demand to get into vet school is VERY high and that is why some people choose to go out of the country to go to school but that doesn't mean they are any less knowledgeable. Vets have to go through extensive training before they are let on their own anywhere and banfield is no different. just because they start out at banfield when they get their license doesn't mean they don't know anything or just got hired and got told "ok have fun".
    and last if something happens that is obviously the clients fault why should banfield pay for it? banfield does take care of issues as needed even if it means giving people refunds but just like any company you can not give every single person their money back which means you can not please everybody. Run a business and you will realize that just about EVERY person who is your client can easily find something wrong and say your at fault and want their money back- go ahead and give everybody their money back and pay for all their problems (that were not your fault) and i promise you that you will go bankrupt very quickly.

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