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Banfield / numerous complaints about banfield!

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Where do I begin. We began our vaccinations with Banfield and we had to go back a few times until they were complete. As the weeks went on I noticed that our dog had extremely bad flatulence and acne, it was laughable at first but I became worried as this was not a good sign for his intestines. I brought this to the attention to the assistant who would come in before and ask us if there were any questions or concerns, I brought up the fact that our dog kept farting and what could we do about this symptom, I also indicated the acne. The assistant thought it was funny and did not even bring this up to the Vet. I then brought this up to the vet and her response was that some dogs just have flatulence and our dog may just have flatulence, the acne was just part of our dog being the color white. I was hoping for advice on how we could help our dog but this was the answer we got, which incidental I did not accept and did my own research on the web.

A week or so later my dog refused to eat his food and I realized that it was his food that was causing his problem. We researched further and found out that this particular breed may be allergic to wheat and or corn. We started cooking our dogs food. The acne went away and so did the flatulence. I felt that my concerns about my dog were not being addressed or even taken seriously.

The second issue with Banfield was when my dog was bitten at a dog park. He was a puppy then and we were worried that he might be in shock or the bite on his hind quarter might get infected, so we rushed him to Banfield. We brought him to our local Banfield which we knew closed at 7pm. The biting incident happened at 5.15pm or there abouts and we brought our dog in before 6pm for attention. I noticed our regular or inhouse vet was not there but another vet was still in attendance and mentioned it to my partner. We showed the puncture wound to the assistant at the desk and he said he would go to the back to check to see if the vet could have a look at him. I watched the assistant go to speak to the vet, the blinds to the rear office was still unshut and so I could see them talking. After a few minutes the assistant came out and said that the Doctor had just cleaned up and all utensils etc had been put away and that we would now have to take our pet to the emergency pet hospital, over 20 minutes away. I asked the assistant why could we not be seen, and pointed to their hours of operation clearly signed and displayed for all to see. The assistant seemed uncomfortable and said it was the Doctor's decision. My partner became agitated, but I was worried for my dog and we abruptly left and took our dog to emergency. It cost us nearly $100.00. I called Banfield Head Office and made a complaint, and only then was an apology given and an offer to have free xrays offered, the Doctor who was on site at the time called and apologized but did not take full responsibility for her actions. By this time Myself and my Partner had grown tired of Banfield and their treatment of us and our pet. On this occasion, we felt that they breached our contract to see our pet, the matter would not have been pushed or an apology would have never been made if I had not complained.

The third incident, our dog suddenly became lame. There could have been a few reasons as to why he started to limp, ie roughhousing with other dogs at the park, uneven ground at the park etc, and so reluctantly we took him to Banfield. We paid for the plan and had no alternative but to use it, if we wanted to get out of the plan it would have cost us more money to get out then to stay in. The vet said we would have to put him on an anti inflammatory, I asked what the side affects were, she told me liver and maybe kidney issues. I informed the doctor that this particular breed is known for such issues and was there another alternative, she said yes just to keep putting hot compresses on the area, but she strongly suggested the anti inflammatory, of which I kept resisting. The vet then suggested we go with the anti inflammatory first, she made us kind of feel we were not good owners as we did not want to put our dog on the anti inflammatory which would take less time to heal and if that did not work then continue with the hot compresses. I wanted to go with the hot compresses, yes it would have taken longer to heal but at least I would not need to worry if a drug was going to kill my dog. Finally we put our dog on the anti inflammatory, which cost us $149.00. I was not happy, Banfield seemed to be all about money. I should have trusted my own judgment, the next day or so, my dog became extremely ill, an allergic reaction to Rymadil. He had acne and vomited blood and bile, not to mention his stools being soft and bloody, our dog became depressed, clingy and weak. I was furious, we took him to emergency. While waiting in emergency our dog began to perk up and the vomiting and listlessness stopped. We took him home and he was well with no symptoms, we kept him on close watch. We reported this to our local Banfield, and to this day, we have heard nothing in regards to that incident. My feelings for Banfield least to say was now, not very good. I again voiced my complaints to Banfield head office. Again, my holistic view on treating my pet was ignored, the vet pushed the anti inflammatory knowing our dogs breed is sensitive to it. I did my research on Rymadil and this drug is lethal to dogs, but some vets still use it. The limping did not stop for sometime, so I researched and found a holistic treatment for him and the limping went in a matter of days.

Finally, we took our dog in for neutering, I asked my partner to take our dog as I just did not want to go into Banfield any longer, I just could not hide my disgust at that place and the vet. My partner dropped our pet off in the AM and we would collect our dog in the PM. Myself and my partner went to pick up our dog, he came out of the office, looking very shy and listless and a little depressed, similar to how he looked when he was on Rymadil. The assistant said that the surgery was a success and the Vet, (again the inhouse vet was not on site and did not perform the surgery) had given him Rymadil for the swelling and another drug for infection purposes. She then proceeded to tell us how much the drugs would cost, she then proceeded to tell me the drug they were sending us home with Rymadil and another drug for to ward off infection. I became agitated, and asked her why was my dog given Rymadil, and why was she sending us home with Rymadil... The assistant gave me a blank look and then went back into the office. My partner and I became agitated at the fact they did not look at my dog's file and see that Rymadil must not be administered under any circumstances. They did not check for allergic reactions. The assistance came out and apologized and I told her sternly that Rymadil is not for my dog and this should be in his file, did the vet not read the notes??? She had no answer. I complained again to Banfield. This time the inhouse doctor called me. I told her I was disgusted at the fact that my dog was given Rymadil and when I brought him home that night his stool was blood filled. She then explained that blood in the stool is due to the surgery, and that my dog was not given Rymadil, I told her that the information I was given on the night of collection by her assistant contradicts her statement. She did not reply, but yet proceeded to tell me that I was responsible for making sure that the vet knows what my dog is allergic too. I promptly told her I did and was told this was in his file by none other than herself. Again the vet did not take responsibility for her actions. We decided we wanted to take our dog and now our cat to a different Banfield, and so we did, as soon as our contract is up we will never use this service again. I would not recommend this place, they seem to want money and the welfare of the animals is secondary.

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  • La
      10th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I love my the way i was help and they are nice to.

  • Mi
      1st of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    banfield is a joke, most vets just want money. if one ever hurts our dog based on money and not their true health they'd better watch their back because our dog is our child and the kind of greed we see at vet clinics disgusts us. you'd think vets would go to school because they love animals and though many probably do it's sad when they start their own practice or start working for corporate clinics that they get jaded and only think of the bottom line. vets need to know that some people value their pet more than them and that their are serious consequences to abuse that some people will have no trouble inflicting on them. just a warning greedy f offs, you hurt my dog, i hurt you, no exceptions!!!! or at least my husband will, this i can guarantee!

  • Ka
      1st of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    It is spelled rimadyl and it would not have caused any of the issues you have written about. It costs about 14.00 not 149.00 and there is no way i believe that you were charged that much forr it because their ordering is through a computer with corporate designed pricing, all banfields charge the same amount or near to the same amount and mine costs $14.30

  • Ci
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Rimadyl is a lethal medicine. I gave it to my 13 1/2 year-old Airedale back in 1997, the year it first came out. I gave him 2 doses and he started vomiting and bleeding out. I rushed him down to Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston. His creatinin levels were over the top. I had to put him to sleep the next day. The vet who prescribed it to him never mentioned it could cause kidney failure. Pfizer paid the bill and it had to be reported to the FDA. I can't believe the drug is still out there after all these years. Pfizer had to pull their ad off the television because they refused to say it could cause death. There is an excellent article on it in the March 2000 Wall Street Journal, titled "Most Arthritic Dogs do Great on this Pill, Except thos that Die." What a horrible feeling it is to know that you gave these pills to help your dog and it killed them.

  • Ka
      20th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have used Rimadyl in my dogs and in well over 4000 others in the course of 4 years as a tech during college, 4 years in vet school and then 7.5 yrs of being a vet. All NSAIDS carry risks, even in humans. And Rimadyl is not over $40/bottle.

    All vets are not greedy blood suckers. It costs between $150-250, 000 to become a vet and newly minted vets get paid between $21, 000 to 65, 000. If we wanted to make the big bucks, we would have gone to school to be an MD...just as long for school, just as much $$ to go there, and literally triple the pay. Most vet clinics are barely in the black, if at all. What you don't realize is that vet hospitals have to be EVERYTHING...radiology, labs, ICU, wellness. Our operating costs each month are close to $38K for a 1.5 doctor practice.

    That being said, Banfield, as a company, is more mercenary. I have worked as a relief vet for both a Banfield owned by the main office and one that is a franchise. They do not treat their vets well. And they vaccinate for just about everything under the sun. Our rabies vaccine at our clinic is $5.50 per dose...wonder what theirs is.

  • Ra
      21st of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    K Allison, I am so glad you came out and said this. I agree with every word you said, and totally don't believe in anything said in this comment. If you had a bad experience, it was because of the dr's choices or words said to client, not because of banfield itself. banfield does a great job in seeing and treating dogs and cats. they are very proffesional and committed. they are supposed to close at 7 on weekdays and 5 on weekends, but I always see the lights on and clients in the clinic til 3 hours after normal business hours. If you have complaints about them, then it's pretty much something you did wrong or didn't do at all.

  • Ms
      15th of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My experience is actual and factual. Those who have their opinion are welcome to it. I know what myself and dog experienced with Rimadyl...I am okay with truth...and will stand by it at all times.

  • Ph
      26th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am also in practice as a veterinarian and resent comments that we are blood suckers that do not care about animals. As for the care at Banfield compared to other clinics, you can have good and bad experiences at both. If the commenter cares about her pets as much as she does, she should have cut her losses and run but money was more important than her pet if she kept taking it back.

  • Ba
      10th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Most all vets are blood suckers, I have to double check my price before I even pay the bill. Ahead of time I ask what they are going to do and refuse to pay more. What happen to the love for animals.

  • Ve
      15th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Vets are blood suckers??? I have never heard anything more ridiculous. Most of my classmates are in debt for over $200, 000. Our starting salaries (for those of us planning to do internships) will be about $30, 000 a year. Most vets are in debt well into their 40s. To suggest that they do any of this out of a desire for money is ridiculous. The only reason anyone is willing to suffer through this much debt, time, stress, and effort is because of a love for animals and desire to make the world a better place through helping them.

  • Av
      12th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Do you folks know that Banfield has over 700 hospitals and is owned by Mars? Yes, the same company that makes M&M's and Royal Canin pet food? The same company that earns 27 billions dollars every year?

    Do you know that the only pet food that Banfield sells is Royal Canine? This is a quote taken directly from their website: "Many years of experience have led us to select Royal Canin as our preferred dog food."

    After reading these few facts, do you think that Banfield cares more about giving great medical care or making money?

    That said, yes veterinary fees can be expensive, just like human medical fees. It doesn't mean that vets are all greedy and don't give a darn about animals, it just means they want to be out of debt by the time they retire.

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