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I tried ordering items online using my Banana Republic Lux card. At check out I kept getting an error message saying that my card information was incorrect. After checking and rechecking the card number I called customer service. The customer service person asked what the total was on the cart. It was about 118.00. She said "Well, that's the problem. You are over your limit." I said that's impossible. I have a $1, 200 limit with no outstanding balance. In fact, I over paid on the last bill and had a $15.00 credit. She informed me that they were running credit checks on all of their card holders and readjusting their credit limits. Now, I have had this card for over 10 years. I have not only always paid on time, but I have always paid well over the minimum amount due or paid the entire balance off and I have never come anywhere near meeting the available credit limit. "So", I said, "my history as a good paying customer doesn't have any benefit?". She said "no". What a way to keep a customer. I immediately closed the account.

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  • Ti
      Apr 07, 2009

    The same thing happened to me in November! They lowered my limit and I have always paid on time (far in advance and well over the balance due!). After it happened I decided to pay it off and never shop there again! Well I just looked at my card statement online and they have lowered my limit from the original 1500 before November to 1100 and now it is at $160!!! I had a balance of 159 so they made it look like I maxed it out. Way to treat your customers. I will never ever shop with them again and I will tell everyone this story! They should be ashamed.

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  • Me
      Dec 13, 2009

    They just raised my rate to 23%, ridiculous. I have a credit score of 760, I always pay my bill in full, never keep a balance, but this is deeply offensive to me. It's especially nice that they do this during the Christmas season, so you are sure to have to pay the incresed rates for your holiday shopping. I called GE Money bank, the people who issue their cards, talked to some human in India (actually he was very nice, but wouldn't do anything). He said they are raising everyone's rates and agreed that it was wrong. Never get a credit card that is issued by GE Money bank. They are ### sucking leaches. I will never use any of their cards again. I think they are behind a bunch of credit cards including PayPal credit card (didn't know that until I did a search, guess I won't be using that card again), WalMart, Loews. Seriously use only cash, debit card or if you have a credit union, get one of their cards. We can't continue to give money to these companies as they want to bleed us dry.

    I won't shop at Banana Republic again. They have a choice about what company issues their credit cards, it's their image.

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