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Purchased an $800 Christmas tree from Balsam Hill last year. Upon taking it out this year all of the stickers that label the complex lighting had fallen off leaving no way to effectively assemble the tree. Upon contacting Balsam Hill they recommended that I try to glue or tape all the stickers back on with a few hours of phone assistance from their technician. This is an impossible task due to the complex nature of the lighting. The company promises a quality product and charges quite a bit for it, however they certainly do not deliver. This problem could be easily rectified by a permanent labeling system since these trees are meant to be used for years but Balsam Hill customer service and the CEO refuse to take notice of this defect in their product leaving the consumer at a loss when it fails in under one years time. I live within driving distance of the company and could have taken the tree in for repair or they could send a technician out but apparently this isn't an option. Had this been a $100 tree from Walmart I might expect this. It was not. Be aware if you are considering a purchase from Balsam Hill, this is a product that is only used once a year but if it fails in a year then you will be very frustrated and out a lot of money.

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      Dec 21, 2010

    This is one of the worst e-commerce retailers out there. They just don't care about their products or their customers. I spent $2000 on a 12' tree from Balsam Hill. It arrived defective and has continuous lighting problems. This year more than 2000 out of the 4000 light bulbs do not work. Balsam Hill just says, oh well, you have to do maitenence now and again. The tree was bought at the end of 2009. Its in its second season this year. Balsam Hill is full of excuses and promises to call you back or send spare parts. Its all false promises. Once they have your money they just don't care. The Better Business Bureau shows dozens of complaints about Balsam Hill. Actually, all you have to do is Google the words "Balsam Hill Complaint" or "Balsam Hill Reviews" and you will find hundreds of unhappy customers. One customer has a dedicated web site called ! Please, do not but a Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. It will be the worst experience you have. Its a shame the recession didn't wipe-out this shady outfit!

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