Bakers DelightStop fly cmb to akl because my son showed tired

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What was happened at the Colombo Airport on 02/02/2017 myself and my son prepared to fly CMB to AKL and this is not first time we travel my son have been travelling last five years and for me last 12 years traveled with SQ Airline
On that day my son didn't sleep well and also not eating well because week before he had a cold and flue and I took him to the doctor, gave him medicine as well. Therefore after Fours traveled to the airport he looks very tired
When the time birding pass your ground staff send my son to see the airport doctor and he comment "Now he is OK but i can say anything farther "
Finally your ground staff force me to go home and fixed another date.
So I have no option I had to go home
So that above decision put me lots of trouble
1.My son unable to attend School In New Zealand
2. I had to pay NZ house rent 450$ extra
3. To fixed another date i had to pay 159400 LKR ticket No6182417452208
Your ticketing staff said Upgraded economy class that why i have pay extra and also taxes as well. But they upgraded only CME to SIN other sector I couldn't find any upgraded class
And At the New Zealand airport lost my one baggage and found after 7 days

Therefore I am request from Singapore airline reconsider what append to me and arrange repayment what i pay extra

Kind Regards
Lalith Wijerathne

Feb 13, 2017

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