Bahamasairdamaged luggage and stolen items

I Nov 21, 2017

My bag was torn open and 25 bottles of men and ladies perfumes were stolen from my bag. Namely 23 men's coming and 2 ladies perfumes.
My fiance and I were on Bahamasair flight 202 out of fort flauthdale to Nassau on the 19th of November 2017.
After everyone else had received their bags, we were under the impression that our final piece of luggage was left behind. But then it finally came thru on the belt half way taped up on one side and you can see a poor attempt to also sew it up with a red thread. After verifying that it was our bag we took it. We had to completely wrap the whole bag with plastic wrap before our flight to Inagua the next day. It was then that we realized what was missing.
The items that is missing is valued at $625 and we would also like to be compensated for the new bag that was damaged which is valued at $50.
Our travel information is party of 2 and our names are Ivas Arnett and Francionn Cox.
Bahamasair flight 202 19th Nov 0910A.


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