Bahama Breezeunethical behavior

4/29/2017 I went to your restaurant to celebrate my college graduation. My family of 5 and I was placed on your waiting list and was told we had a 35-45 minute wait. Which we didn't mind because we love eating at Bahama Breeze and was so excited to celebrate my day. Unfortunately my happiness and excitement slowly dwindled when 50 minutes came around and we noticed everyone that not only came before us but after us was gone from the waiting area. The hostess at the counter asked us if we had checked in and we said yes. Then when she noticed I was wearing my cap from graduation she proceeded to say. "I wish you were the one to check in, we sit graduates right away" then advised we would be seated right away. A family of eight came in and was seated right away and that is when the lady stated they had a reservation and then also advised us the wait can be up to an hour. Well this was not told to us when we walked in. Then shortly after I told my family lets continue to wait because I really wanted to eat there and since the lady told us we were next I was ok with that. Unfortunately another party of 5 came in, they waited 5 mins and was also seated before us. After waiting an hr and ten minutes this is when we decided to leave.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Pembroke Pines, FLNot only did this ruin my evening, but now we had to leave and locate another establishment to eat and wait. This is when we located Olive Garden down the street and was seated after ten minutes. We were given the greatest treatment there, I was congratulated by every employee that passed by me. Which we barely received a hello at Bahama Breeze, this definitely made up for the horrible treatment from Bahamas Breeze. I just want to express you should have friendlier, nicer and more compassionate hostess at your desk. If you are telling someone it will be 35 to 45 mins to wait for a table and you notice it is now an hour, you should go up to that family and at least apologize for the long wait or least offer a glass of water which we did not get. Instead we were given a list of excuses on why we were not seated. Over all the hostesses did not even attempt to make us happy or try to keep us there after we handed the pager to them. This is quite unfortunate because your establishment has such a delectable selection to choose from which made it my favorite restaurant, but from this experience, I will now think twice before deciding to dine at Bahama Breeze. Thank you for ruining the most important night of my life. I would also like to thank you for your time in reading this. I hope this will prevent this from happening to other families that decide to go to your Pembroke Pines location.

Apr 30, 2017

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