Badoo.comif you receive an any email that includes the words badoo it in anywhere, I would strongly advise that you delete it immediately

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I received an email from a friend saying she had left me a message on a site called BADOO for me. She is German, so I received the message in German - I then clicked to view the message in English. I assumed it was a social networking site similar to Facebook for German people and that she was inviting me to join…

How very naïve!

I clicked the link to the message. In order to retrieve the message I was asked to enter some simple info, i.e., my name, location and date of birth. This seemed harmless enough (at no stage was my email address solicited), so I entered same, and suddenly, hey presto, I have a profile on an internet dating site linked to my private email account. I promptly received an email facilitating a password to my new account: “Welcome to BADOO!”

I had to use my private email address and the password I received to enter the site to delete an account I had never created in the first place.

Having done some research into BADOO, it would appear that this is their modus operandi. There have literally been millions of complaints about BADOO and their underhand and devious method of signing innocent people up to their dating site. Surely it is illegal? It is an absolute con. They use your info for data mining purposes.

I have had the same email address for many years and unfortunately cannot delete the account and create a new one as I work freelance and cannot afford to lose potential clients. BADOO now have my personal info and email address and there is nothing I can do about it at all. Be warned. If you receive an any email that includes the words BADOO it in anywhere, I would strongly advise that you delete it immediately.

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  • Na
      Jun 09, 2011

    badoo is a good dating site and it's harmless

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  • Lu
      Feb 15, 2017

    @Natal Badoo (in Italy) is now replaced by

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  • Gi
      Sep 03, 2015

    This is my second complaint, two years ago a guy name Jimmy Martinez Bracero, user member from Badoo, stole my Facebook pictures and created a fake profile on this side with lesbianism contents, I'm straight person, single woman with 2 children's, I contacted badoo and they reply my emails, promising they will deleted this fake account and I still receiving emails from girls around the area, please if you haven't close this profile do so, I had never use this badoo and I never being interested on dating, identity theft is a felony and Will take it to the next level... My email is [protected], If your customer service representative need to reply to this complaint, I need a immediate action.

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  • Jh
      Sep 10, 2015

    Thanks for this. Just received a similar email and thanks to you I will delete it. Everyone should remember another important web rule, if a site has to resort to underhanded tactics (such as this) then it's not a site you should want to deal with. Same goes for software companies that deliberately install 3rd party programs/software without your permission or in spite of your refusal. (adobe... I'm looking in your direction).

    Thanks again.

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  • Lu
      Feb 15, 2017

    Badoo is a scam! Nobody would never pay for this service. A good (alternative) site that is NOT a scam is

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