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Yesterday i was informed by my boyfriend that i was on a dating site called baddoo. To say i am livid is an understatement as i have never given any information to this site and obviously this has caused my boyfriend to break up with me and i cant even begin to think of the defamatin and how this could affect my job seen as i am a senior account executive.
I have tried to find somewhere to complain but there site says that i have to register to complain which is ridiculous as i certainly dont want them gettin hold of any further personal details. They list my name, age and town and considering my name its not difficult to work out its me!!! im furious and want to know how i can find out how they got my details and how to get them removed!!!

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  • Ba
      Jul 14, 2011

    Hello, This is the Badoo Support Team - If you could please contact us using the following form: providing us with your full name which appears on Google and we will be able to investigate further.
    Many Thanks,
    Badoo Support Team.

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  • Ma
      Aug 04, 2011

    Registered twice (28/07/11 and 04/08/11) complaint / report of the link about the improper disclosure by unknown user of my pictures, still no return by the "Badoo."
    Follow the link in which the misconduct is proven:
    My photos were published without my permission, in an absolutely improper, injuring my right picture, without action to date.
    Therefore, believing in the seriousness of this social network ("Badoo Corporate"), I request immediate deactivation of the user and the exclusion of my photographs, under penalty of being taken legal measures.
    I request your feedback and confirmation with regard to renewing the measure within 24 hours, failing to take appropriate legal measures.
    I'm available.

    Marjorie Vincent (08/04/2011)
    Waiting for answer: [protected]

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  • Lo
      Aug 23, 2011


    When will you ever learn? Stop using your real name or anything close to your real name on a social networking site. Whatever you do, don't ever post real pictures of yourself on these sites. If you do, chances are that you agreed to have your photos become property of the social networking site, simply by agreeing to their terms/conditions upon signing up. If you noticed, Badoo also has a feature called 'Badoo Desktop'. This feature is required to be installed on your computer, if you wish to view who's 'Online Now'. This software informs the viewer where you live, based on zip / postal code etc. So again, don't bother using your real zip / postal code, identifying your pin point location graphically to anyone viewing your profile, is a major breach of your security. If you insist on using these sites, make yourself a fake name, email address etc. That way, at least creeps or stalkers aren't able to track you down to any great success. You can always use yahoo, skype or msn messenger if you want further contact, or to show your real pictures. At least there's less of a chance of unwanted attention. Lastly, Badoo never entirely deletes your account. I have had ongoing bogus emails from Badoo, stating that so-and-so wishes to speak with you. This was after supposedly deleting my account. What a farse and very immoral practice of Badoo. Unfortunately I'm unaware of any successful legal repercussions that can be taken against a free website such as this. The least we can do, is pass along our experiences from using this crap. Good luck and be safe.

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  • Ka
      Apr 27, 2012

    I have the same issue happened with me. Did you get this issue resolved?

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  • As
      Aug 31, 2012

    I think that is totally illegal. I also have the same issue. I don't think this can be an accident. I am super angry at these people, and really wanna investigate further to find a way to sue this company. Although they have closed the fake account they made by the information they got from my facebook account, still searching my name, it still lists my town age and name and I really don't want this to happen anymore.

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  • Sb
      Dec 18, 2012

    I got the same problem. Someone has stolen my Facebook pictures and data to build up an account at badoo.

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  • In
      Sep 20, 2013

    Good day Badoo Admin and every users, i have found out that some girls use different profiles to take money from men...,
    One lady viewed my profile and we started chatting, we exchanged mobile information (whatsapp) and we chatted all through the night..she said she was from Kuala Lumpur and she went to visit her parents GRAVE in Perlis (a state in Malaysia) she said if she had a way to come to kl now she will immediately because she stays with her neighbor and its 6hrs by bus and the ticket price is rm60 to Kuala Lumpur..she gave me a maybank account number...After deposited rm100 for her to take bus, i called and spoke to her and it was a lady and sounded like a local Malaysian... when i told her it was deposited in the morning, she said maybe her card is bad, then after she said i deposited in a wrong account, and she asked me to SWEAR almost five times to be sure and never forget to keep receipt, then later she said she was kidding and she was inside a bus coming to Kuala Lumpur..she sent pictures of the driver in the bus, the bus station and two pictures of herself inside the bus which looks like old pictures.. then after an hour of her departure, she went offline, her mobile phone was switched off and that was the end..even i tried contacting the number, it never goes through...

    So Gentlemen in Badoo, please be very very careful if any girl or girls tells you things like this for example (1) she is in Perlis or any state in Malaysia..(2) she went to visit her parents grave.. (3) she stays in Neighbor or grand parents house..(4) she needs to come back to Kuala Lumpur immediately and you should lend her some money..(5) she gives you a Maybank account or any Bank account number to deposit ..(6) she might send you pictures of the driver in the bus, the bus station and herself sitting in the bus..(7) she will give you her name as Aida...
    Please Admin, your team needs to do something about these names in Badoo because i noticed one lady using three different profiles, the names are (1) Bibi lover, 25 Perlis Malaysia.. (2) Syuhaida, 25 Perlis Malaysia.. and (3) Yayank, 26 Perlis Malaysia..
    Something has to be done..There are Many more out there..
    Thank you...

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  • Ba
      Apr 02, 2014

    WE have to open a case and sue badoo internationaly, it is a absolute crap, no privacy, nothing ... fake, fake, and stolen images,

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  • Ja
      Jul 04, 2014

    my profile is also used and my pictures and my number is posted there...i cant file a complain the website is blocked in the country i am in. can someone send me the email so I can file a complain please? thanks!

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  • Cr
      Jul 11, 2014

    Please beware of profile named David, location Bucharest it is a fake one . It is a fake profile, fake picture claiming he is from Scotland, he is 54, looking for a long term relationship, finally he would say he wants to make a money investment in your country(buying a house and send you a large amount of money, just to be close to you), because he loves you much...God knows what he will ask further...

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  • Ja
      Aug 29, 2014

    Have you noticed that Badoo use a "help center" where you attempt to complete a form only to find that the "verification code" is not displayed. Therefore you cannot complete the process.

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  • De
      Sep 09, 2014

    Pls i just got a message from a friend that someone is using my pictures on badoo. I am definitely not the one, and I'm So pissed right now as this is a damage to my reputation as an aspiring Barrister. I need this profile down asap

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  • Ma
      Oct 13, 2014

    Someone stolen my private pictures in your application... And he use all my pictures to create a Facebook account... And he add nude pictures without face... How you will stop this incidence?? Your application is not safe... So please given privacy to all users.. Thank you!

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  • Ni
      Jul 08, 2015

    Hi, My account has been blocked. I don't know why. I haven't received explanation. I don't recall doing anything wrong. my email adress is sean.[protected]

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  • Ja
      Sep 01, 2015

    Hello i have a problem with my badoo messages..i send messages to new users and they never read it..about 25 new users..never happened to me before so i create a fake profile and i sent a message through my original never show up!! i can still chat with the girls i was talked to the past but no to newones..anybody know how to fix this? is this a bug or something like that?

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  • Bu
      Oct 01, 2015

    hi my mobile number [protected] my emil [protected] prass word robinghood I have om 2004 need to why when I sing in I get kick off been tod by my friends my photos are not seen on mt phone network an money is being taking of my bill no one can see me from june the 19 2015 am not happy with networt need to no why I am being block as I be reclaiming my money from your network from badoo from the the 19 of jane as mt friends I kown of facebook tell me I am not onle but you still yake money of me at 1 pound 50p and 3 00 for week like add want my money back all can some tell why I am being block I have the right why my phone number is [protected] my user Email [protected] my friend Jill rees lives with me have the same problem with hes too be nice if some one can phone me I been told by other people in shops where I live I may have more then one account need to move at less five of them to be taking of so I have only one account thank you or reading MY COMPLAINT FROM MR AONTHONY JOHN SMITH AND YES I AM OVER 18 I AM 61 31/12/1954

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  • Mu
      Oct 09, 2015

    please help out my money was deducted through my master card on 10/10/15 a sum of 19 plus asist me pls, abdulsalam mustapha {[protected]}

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  • Ri
      Dec 16, 2015

    The same issue i am also facing that someone has posted my fb pics on a site called Badoo and i really aant to file a conolaint, need them to take some action... N how should i get to know that who has done that... Need help!!

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  • Fr
      Mar 31, 2016

    I have been using badoo for a long time and have not violated any user terms, please unblock my account [protected], I dont know who reported me but I am sure it is a mistake. i just open this new account in less than an hour. my previous account have been blocked using my families number now i cant open any, Please ublock my profile. Thank you

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  • Mj
      May 08, 2016

    Please my badoo has been inactive since yesterday, I've not been able to chat with people please help me retify the problem [protected]

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  •   May 10, 2018

    @mji We have received several complaints about your profile unfortunately. We have investigated these complaints and have decided to block your profile due to the violation of our Guidelines. You can read our Guidelines via the following link:

    All of our users are required to follow these rules to ensure Badoo remains a fun, friendly and safe meeting network. Our decision about your profile cannot be changed and no exceptions will be made.

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