Bad Internet Phone Service (at italkbb)illegal practice

Review updated:

After search finally found the Company's real name and address,
(they don't list address nor office-phone number on their website given to customers):

Italk Global Communications Inc. (or "italkbb"-- uses this name to customers)
1101 South Capital Of Texas Highway Ste. G110
Austin, Texas 78746
Fax: [protected] or [protected] and

iTalk Global Communications
8500 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, Virginia

The company lies to consumers to get into contract.
What they don't tell you:
-- They charge EVERY customer's Credit Card AUTOMATICALLY and DIRECTLY every month WITHOUT any notice!!! AND Pre-charge customer's Credit Card WITHOUT any notice.

---There is NO way to send FAX abroad/NO technical ability or to receive fax at all (not to any country). But they are selling "plans for business" and charge $39.99 plus fees and taxes monthly.
What their customer service do is to intentionally confuse customers and say "what model of fax machine do you use?" Even I bought a new fax machine, it does work, then they admitted that they DON'T have the technical ability for sending fax abroad.

---Very bad voice qualities, and often caller hear "no service"! When I called the customer service, their answer was "we are updating our system", but each time was the same, this kind of answer is obviously a coached excuse for bad services.

-- Italkbb uses law pricing tactics to compete with VoiP phone companies. Italkbb advertises $4.99/month, but PLUS charge more than 50% of fees $2.95, as "Federal Tax" (Federal tax is based on percentage, would not allow to charge more than 50%).

At Italkbb (or italk Global Communications Inc.) customer services almost ALL employees are Chinese, speak Chinese language, most are part timers fresh from China (italkbb's back office), they In-Turn work here in the US for a few months (hope they get paid in US wages for fair competition) or because of constant low wages this company gets advantages in the US tele communications market).
Don't join this company,
Buyer Be Aware!

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  • Be
      Mar 03, 2011

    Where are these tax $ goes? I asked their customer service person this question: "Are you licensed to provide phone service in California? if so, what's the license or permit number is?". They told me that "this is their company's business secret!"

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  • Co
      Jun 20, 2011

    This fucxxxxxxxxing iTalkBB is the biggest scam we have ever met! I never contacted them, I do not know where they found phone number, they kept calling my home phone (which is on the National Do-Not-Call Registry) after 9 or 10 PM! Even we told them we do not have any interest on their plan, they just never stop calling us, at night time! It is a huge harassment! How can we stop their behavior?

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  • Al
      Jun 20, 2011

    They have kept calling me too. There are calling from China.

    More iTalkBB SCAM details:
    1) If you call ItalkBB customer service, they all coached to lie and say that they are based in Vienna, Virginia. But in fact, they are not in the US, customer service people are all in China. The company ItalkBB cannot afford to pay them in the US or should hire employees in the US.

    2) Do you know how iTalkBB does billing? -- They takes money DIRECT from customer's CREDIT CARD every month!
    Don't buy iTalkBB, get out!

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