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Axis Bank / credit card problems

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Sir, My name is nagaraju One of credit card holder of axisbank ,past two months i m facing no of problems with the Axis bank credit card pesrones, i m using the Axis bank credit card from the month of Apl-2007,from tht day onwords they never send any statements to me aby my purchase,suddenly they are lien my ACC in the month of No-2007 at tht time my payment amt was 19128 rupees tht amt i padi after my due date i mean Dec-27-2007, after tht payment they had released my ACC, again they were lien my ACC undera the money 22161 rupees, it states tht they are recieving my 19k payment and agian they were lien my acc with full payment amt, but i already pais 19+ in tht 22+ amt,so finally i went to AXIS bank credit card deivision people Mr.Vignesh(Mount Road branch,Chennai) i told my fulll problem to him on 02-01-2008, he was checked my Credit card status and told me like no pronlem sir we were releasing it my tomorow i,e 03-01-2008, so based on vignesh i returned and after 1 day i checked my Savings ACC status it still remains same then again i made no of calls to him but no use i didnt picked my call final he picked my call on 04-01-2008 and simply told me like sir i worked it out ur ACC status changed on 05-01-2008 only so this is problem pls dont make any calls to me from here onwords he told like tht,but before tht i told him my problem like sir each and every month 3 cheques are come for clearence so if my ACC status is same these cheque ll got bounce already with lien last my 2 cheques got bounced so plss at least this month i need to save my cheque bonuce so plss help me out like th, but still the is no change in my ACC, it leads my 2 cheques are bounced on 05-01-2008,and again today my 1 cheque will bounce,really sir ur people are not doing work properly, no of times i had begged him plss change my ACC status and help me out but no use,i hope atleast these complaint will help me out....

Axis bank Credit Card NO:[protected]


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  11th of Jan, 2008
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  19th of Feb, 2008
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Hi, My Name is Madhusudhan Rao M. I have applied for AXIS Bank Credit Card. I have also received the Reference Code No.918372. Till date I have not received the Credit Card. Address verification is done. Pls let me know my status as soon as possible.

Madhusudhan Rao. M

pHONE- 9341188311
OFFICE - 411897300/EXT-739

55 days ago by Madhusudhan Rao M [send email]
Hi, My Name is Madhusudhan Rao M. I have applied for AXIS Bank Credit Card. I have also received the Reference Code No.918372. Till date I have not received the Credit Card. Pls let me know my status as soon as possible.

Madhusudhan Rao. M
  21st of Feb, 2008
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I am Abdul, I got a call from ur executive for a lifetime FREE credit card with several benefits, i thought let me apply for it and submitted my documents and got the credit card after 6 months but the issue is that i have been charged for the credit card an amount of Rs.432. why should i pay when i was told it's a lifetime FREE credit card..? Immediately i called customer care, after trying for nearly 30 mins a customer care executive received the call, he gave me a Request No. and informed me a higher authority will get back to me within 7days but there is no response till now it's already 1month. 15days earlier i called up customer care again he gave me a another Req No. and he told its in HIGH PRIORITY now and for sure a higher executive will be get back to me but again nobody called me yet(already 10 days) and i got a message to pay an amount of Rs.730. Atlast i called a customer care again but nobody is receiving the call from past 1hour, I am so bugged up with this that i decided to complaint. I have HSBC, ICICI, SBI credit cards but never faced any such kind of problem. Its the worst customer service ever seen. why dont you think about customer satisfaction..? I have an account in AXIS BANK and I am totally satisfied but why dont you provide same kind of service for Credit card division. I hope atleast you read this and in response call me to speak regarding this issue or atleast mail me to my email id -- muzi_ab@yahoo.co.in

Would be happy if you get back but no hopes of your response.
  10th of Jan, 2009
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My name is Smt. Debjani Ghosh W/o Sri Mrinal Kanti Ghosh my ATM Card number is 4215394910001619 is smart privilege card valid to 12/08 to 12/18. This account was opened in Bankura Branch, West Bengal. I journey is Hyderabad the purpose of NIRG Trainning Centre . I have no money, I forget its password, please provide it on myn email ID . Thanks

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