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I buy a cell phone named galaxy grand neo gt-i9060 for aed 797.00 as they show the internal memory was 16gb, the item delivered to me on 24 may 2014 but on the box nothing was mention about the specification so I open & check the internal memory of item is found 8gb next day I called them about the mistaken. For the first 3 days the promised me that the will changed it while I continuous called them after 4days fighting them at the told me that there is no model with 16gb available.. I request them to interchange with any other 16gb model but they refused me.

  • ham2akhan's Response, Apr 12, 2019

    Bulk order place in Awok
    One item was pending to be received was dispatched and afterward they cancelled by themselves without informing us.

    wrong item delivered but refused to change
  • Arslan Maqsood's Response, May 03, 2019

    Waiting for the refund

May 28, 2014
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  • Ha
      Jul 11, 2014 - fake Samsung mobile
    United Arab Emirates

    Please find my below email to and no response yet.

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  • Ke
      Jul 20, 2014

    I bought a cell phone branded Kexinda K8, charger burst in first connect & software is malfunctioning. Compliant sent and await their Technical Section call

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  • Sr
      Jul 20, 2014

    i am buy Motorola Droid RAZR XT912, 4G LTE, 8MP Dual Cam, 16GB SIM is not working. i am every day calling but respond what to do my friend

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  • Ba
      Jul 21, 2014

    I order on LG Tv and first time they told me that after 3 days they will delivered after that i call them back they just apologies and told me that they will delivered next day but after one day back also i did not get any responed from their them.

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  • Vi
      Jul 22, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    Hello friends,
    After seeing your reviews I m in dilemma whether I can purchase item in this site or not.
    Can any one of our friends, please let me know whether do I need to purchase items or not?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Ka
      Aug 02, 2014

    i have brought tablet from awok and its not working when i send mail nobody replying back if i order they call within 24 hours but not working product they will call back. Please let me know whom i need to contact or whom shall i will speak [protected]

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  • Gi
      Aug 25, 2014

    i bought epad and camera both of them i cannot used i want to return it..

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  • Ku
      Sep 23, 2014

    hello friends, i have tablet from awok and its not working when i send my tablet please call me [protected] epad a704 tablet model please reply a call

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  • Ra
      Sep 25, 2014

    I bought iphone and 2 watches also received confirmation call from awok call center stating that the items will be delivered the next day which didn't happen so I called back but this time was their follow order section where the tone of the agent was totally different .First he said I will check and call back then after 4 hours I called again another rude agent said I will forward this complaint then I blasted him as he was not answering my question about a time frame to get a reply not even the purchases.
    The third day I called to cancel the and to my astonish the agent said that this order was already on hold/cancelled so thank god I got the payment method at delivery otherwise I would have been crawling after my money god only knows till when.
    Bottom line avoid this website at any cost.

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  • Ip
      Sep 28, 2014

    i received 2pieces iphone 4 one is white next one black, black is not working so please call me back [protected] invoice no 857924 thanks.

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  • Ra
      Oct 10, 2014


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  • Na
      Oct 11, 2014

    I buy one iphone 4 from when I was try to ON iphone there was already sign in an Id so I call to service center and they take again iphone but now one week is finish still my iphone is not came my complain No, [protected] and also i send an email to [protected] no any response i will not buy any more from

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  • En
      Oct 13, 2014

    I have received my shipment and now when I want to make a complaint, I called at the toll free no. and waited for 20 mins. When the operator received my call, I started to tell him the issue to which he replied, thank you for calling, have a nice day. BULL ###

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  • Hu
      Oct 13, 2014

    I have ordered two perfumes as to try this website service on Wednesday then I have chosen the preferred date of delivery which was to me the next day Thursday then received a call from them to confirm both the order and delivery date and time, on Thursday no one called for delivery then on Saturday I received a call from an angry driver stating I have orders to deliver I was very clear when I mentioned I wanted to receive my items on Thursday and not Saturday and now I cant receive them since I'm not physically available in that location he was like I'm sorry I cant keep these items I said then I'm sorry I don't want these items. Today I received a call stating that I have a delivery since I mentioned I need to receive it on Monday!!! Not sure what kind of service you guys are providing but in case you guys can't do what you promised your customers with, please remove such options since its affecting your image directly then a driver claiming that I requested these orders today on Monday!!! That sounds really cheap. Sorry but I'm not going to recommend you guys to anyone. Very poor service!!!

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  • Ja
      Nov 09, 2014

    I bought a "new" motorola droid 912xt and in one month itself it has damaged ...When I call up their technical service they are telling warranty is for only 3 days...Its wierd 3 days warranty what's going to happen in 3 days...So everyone please aware when to buy from ...Not just look at the price it may go to drain and discount price or more you need to spend for repair for same...

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  • Ba
      Nov 17, 2014

    HI, my name is Bala Krishnan, i have purchased one mobile phone i Touch speed x2, at 23/Oct/2014, after i received i start using and found its battery is almost expired and full charged battery finished in just 2 hours without using, i register my complain to call center on 26/Oct/2014, my complain ticket no is [protected]. they picked it up on 29/Oct/2014, call center informed me they will replace the phone with in 7 to 14 days, today it has gone 20 days more, whenever i contact to call center they replied mobile is in warehouse, please do make it fast your complain system its very slow, and it is not a professionalism,
    you can contact me back at [protected], My Email id is balan.[protected],
    your reply will be highly appreciated.

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  • Ha
      Dec 27, 2014

    Do not trust
    I experienced it twice! All items are defected and useless! They will just take your money and thats it! No replacement and no repair to the repaired items they are selling. They are Cheaters!

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  • Ma
      Jan 10, 2015

    I buy the motorolla ndroid XT912, when I got it was defected piece and again after servicing it is again defected it is not having google play and other app stupid mobile, please replace me the mobile otherwise I will make this issue to Consmer office that you are selling defected products
    Malik [protected]

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  • Am
      Jan 24, 2015

    I have purchased the i phone 4s 18 /11/2014 after i recieved to start using the mic and speakers are not working.i am everyday calling but not respond, ate AWOK.COM is fraud

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  • Pr
      Jan 29, 2015

    Hi, I am planing buy i phone 4 in how is they are services please give me suggestion
    Thanku, Pradeep

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  • Jk
      Feb 01, 2015

    hi I am planning to buy something from its a xperia z2 its much cheaper than sharaf dg should I buy from them or no?

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  • As
      Feb 08, 2015

    I am give sony xperia z c6603 phone to much hinging problem also back camera sam time working sam time not working .so need to be change my phone. My complete no.[protected]. Please help me.

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  • Ab
      Apr 25, 2015


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  • Ur
      May 10, 2015

    Awok is the worst site ever! you click and pay items to be called afterwards and say that's not available and they "offer" alternatives you don't really want! customer service suck big time, I was feeling treated like s..t all the time! I've been buying online for years and that's the first time I see something like that and that I happen to loose my temper at the phone! stay away from those scammers!

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  • Ra
      May 19, 2015

    I got a refurbished( with zero battery strength and broken camera lens) product instead of new one they replace the same product three times. finally they refunded me by deducting almost 200 AED for their warehouse restoring charge.
    awok is a complete fraud online shopping place. they never value your money and time.

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  • Ro
      May 24, 2015

    It should have been ... they are fooling customers ...all used and damaged material they give ., if u ask for them to take back they ask courier charges. After that again will continue they make money on courier charges.

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  • Am
      Jun 01, 2015

    I purchased galaxy s4 and Laptop from Awok but i am not getting a good response from the delivery man,

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  • Sa
      Jun 04, 2015

    I have purchased the i phone 4s 01/05/2015 after i received to start using.While charging getting electric shock out side the phone and headset have no volume controlling switch in apple website i phone 4s headset have volume controlling switch .i called they are telling only phone have warranty not for headset and charger so it s fake its not a fresh phone, AWOK.COM is fraud
    can we register a complacent in consumer court i have already complained.
    In this website they are giving offers are secondhand phones. its are used from other countries

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  • Jj
      Jun 25, 2015

    I bought samsung s4 promo. 799 aed. After weeks of using it, i have discored its a fake samsung s4. The supposted metal frame metal boarder wrapping around it is a plastic and the signal stops working. Resolution is poor. Dont but here or else you will waste ur money

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  • Ay
      Aug 05, 2015

    This is a warning for those people who are trusting and for those who are going to buy things from this website. I was going through the website on (4 August 2015) and suddenly I got a good price for iPhone 4 16GB, black and then I selected (add to cart). As I did not know the process of this website I was going on by filling the form that was provided on the webpage saying about the name, address, email and other things but at the end I didn't select anything in the payment form and just went back without clicking anything. The next day(5 August 2015) when I checked my email I got a mail telling that I have placed an order of iPhone 4 16GB, black 2 times and they have already made a account with my name and a password without my permission. I immediately send them a mail telling to return but I still didn't get a feedback from them.

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  • Re
      Sep 06, 2015

    I bought a bag which was delivered without a strap. I followed up several times with the company and each time I was told the complaint had been sent to the appropriate department. 3 months later I am without a strap so the bag is basically useless.

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  • Ni
      Sep 17, 2015

    i purchased 2 huawei H3C phones from Awok in March 2015, 1 of the phones lost the display, since the phone is under warranty i am continously calling Awok to send some1 for collection, and they keep on promising to send some1 for collection.
    1. their customer service staff is very rude, spoke to Amit and irfan, very rude and doesnt know the customer service means.
    2. around 7 pm spoke to Joanna and she committed he phone will be picked at 9 pm, and story continues.

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  • Ka
      Sep 18, 2015

    i cancelled my order, pls call me, , i cancelled the printer, , this karen from hamdan

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  • Ma
      Oct 12, 2015

    AWOK.COM is group of cheaters working in a modern Society. They sell stolen pieces, and often locked as well as used devices. If anyone wants to taste the bitter customer service and absolutely Dirty online experience, put your fingers in AWOK.COM, you will never forget the Real Taste !

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  • Ny
      Nov 01, 2015

    About Order no #904201. I faced a very bad service doing business with I placed 2 times order. 1st order it was cancelled with out my information. 2nd time I placed 2 orders. The 1st order which was delivered to me late was different in context to the display on the website, 2nd order was never delivered at all.

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  • Zh
      Dec 15, 2015

    Everyone please file a complaint with www.consumer all procedure is explained with telephone no also.I have cancelled an order with advance paymentioned after their repeated rescheduling I cancelled the order and waiting for refund.I will lodge a complaint in few days if there is no refund.Let's take this company out of business

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  • Mo
      Dec 26, 2015

    I bought 7 inch 02 tablet C 320 CALL TOUCH by order no.079304, headphones were not working and its(headphones) did not the same CALL TOUCH company, i contact with help disk but no postive response, i want charge to this thing,

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  • An
      Dec 28, 2015

    do specially this they are theiveshi there guys same problem with me buying online is a mad thing to do thet are theives they should be punished here in u.a.e. i bought an iphone 4 from them and i ended keeping their ended here wasting my money hard earned they are so ...i cannot expressed the word any bad word will apply on them.. hope they will end nothing with their bussiness and all their employees will suffer what they are doing with the consumer who purchased on their online store...

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  • Ar
      Dec 30, 2015

    A worst customer service provided by Awok... I would not prefer to buy any product any more... 2 wheel smart board order was placed and the response while finding the devlivery status was too bad

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  • Os
      Jan 14, 2016

    I ordered scooty for my son on birthday and after 4 days now nothing is delivered. Mind you i am in Dubai. I think AWOK.COM is the practical example of fake promises with pethatic call center. They even don't give you driver number for coordination. Worst experience of my life that i had to deal with this website.

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