Dear whomsoever,
I came accross on Facebook and i was filled with joy to see the products and the offers that had been posted, i can surely say that out all the other online shopping sites, awok has the best deals. As a customer i blindly trusted awok and purchased some items which were less than 100 aed, i am a person who is addicted to shopping and i do it on a weekly basis. I seriously thought that i found the best online shopping website to purchase. I purchased a speaker, a headphone and a trimmer and my order number is [protected]. I was so dissapoint with the speaker because it came without a remote.
However the worst part is the disgusting trimmer which u sent which had hair on it with fingerprints all over the place this is something worst that i have ever seen in my life. How does expect me to use a trimmer which i bought which is already used by someone. This is ridiculous, i immediately called the customer service and registered the complaint. This is a very serious issue to mankind. What if the person who used the trimmer had some transmitting disease???
I regret purchasing from Awok.

Yours dissapointed and disgusted customer

Jan 10, 2017

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