SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / technical department

United Arab Emirates

Worst service ive ever seen. The technical department was supposed to refund my product and didnt do it and starting saying lying and said that the product was damaged when the person who collected it did a check on the product. I had purchased a scooter and was ask to return it with the box. The person who came to collect it, saw the scooter and said he couldnt take the scooter because he didnt have a car and in fact came in a bike. The second time someone came after 2 days, they asked me to remove the box because they didnt have space for a box. I removed the box and just gave him the scooter and now they wont refund it and saying that I should have given the box even though someone from their company said they dont need a box. Very uninformed staff and have a very ill mannered and rude way of talking to a customers. Would never buy or recommend this company for anyone.
I would rather pay more money and get from elsewhere than from AWOK again.

Jun 04, 2017

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