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I have booked mine and my partner's trip for April 2017. Thus far, our Personal Vacation Planner has been readily available for questions, comments, and suggestions concerning our trip. However, we have never been on a cruise before and we were naive about some aspects of the process, and thus were taken advantage of concerning cost.

In my experience, when planning any trip through an agency or agent, once I had identified my address, further costs were given to me in the currency of my nation of residence, Canada (6 previous trips planned through different travel agencies and agents). This seems obvious, considering all flight times, and any return phone calls times for planning were given to me in my local time.

I ended up missing online limited time deals for both a cruise and flights because I paid in US currency. By the time I received confirmation of my trip, it was far too late to book the better deals on the cruise, but the flight could be canceled. Once I realized I had paid in US currency, it was obvious I received no deal or discount whatsoever for our flight by booking through Ayoya, and actually paid more than the average flights available to me.

At the time of booking, I also recorded that we were told we would receive the premium drinking package with wine up to $13 a glass, and later found out we only had the classic drinking package; another disappointment and overpayment.

Now that we have paid as much as we have for our trip, our other travel expenses are restricted and we will have very limited funds for exploring ports and excursions.

I do reiterate that our Ayoya Travel Planner was very knowledgable and kind, but overall disappointed with the Ayoya travel agency. I booked through Ayoya because we have never been on cruise and thought it would ease the stress and make coordinating the different cruise aspects (room, drink package, and flights) easier. Instead, I would have had better luck completing the process myself online. I feel ripped off and anxious concerning our misleading, and now, very expensive trip.

Jan 29, 2017

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