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Nottingham, England, East Midlands, United Kingdom
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Hi am an Avon representative in Nottingham for 4 years and now I am getting mistreated as field support manager as she keeps ingoring my emails and keep telling me to contact customer services as they are not helpful. I contacted Avon to put me under a payment agreement to still receive my orders because I recently loss relative and I was very ill and got in a mess to pay my account balance. Which I wanted to clear as I gave up my sale leadership to do this payment arrangement to pay monthly it's was going lovely until they kept holding my orders and tell me to pay 228 pounds which I borrowed to pay it and a complete mess with my campaign 15 delivery and doing nearly the same to my campaign 16 being on hold which I phone up last Wednesday and told me to pay 63. 51 which a gain I borrowed and rang up again the next day . I found out my Wednesday call wasn't recorded on my account and telling me to pay 289 pounds which I haven't got and not borrow anyone as getting myself in debt and more iller as I should be on a payment agreement as long my account balance is less than 325 pounds which it is I tried contacting field support manager as she told me to contact customer services. Which I told her everything and not getting back to me and they suppose to help us as area 860 don't have an area manager as keep changing them. I really had enough now of getting past to pillow to post as they ain't listening to me and don't care about us or our customers only themselves. Please help and get this matter resolved.

Oct 16, 2017

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