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Avon / not allowing sales reps to come back

1 Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia Review updated:
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Phone: 0450089364

I sighned up to be a sales rep for avon about 2 years ago...
My son feel seriously ill and was hospitalised for months.
I fell behind in my payments and when my son was better and well I payed them back. (Every cent)
I not that long ago asked to sighn up again.
I was 100% honest about falling behind in my payment as my son was sick and she told me it was fine and I could still come back
2 and a half weeks of door knocking and selling the products I get a call to say avon will not let me back as I did not pay the money
I told my sales district manager at the time the reason I was behind in my payments and she told me to put family first.
Now on my second time roound as an avon rep I am being punished for putting my family first...

Avon are cheats and scams...

As a been there done that customer and sales rep...
There rip offs and fakes...
Money hungry pigs...

Refuse all avon as u will one day get scammed in...

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  • Tr
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    As a successful rep and recruiter I advise all of my reps that once you go into collections, you will not be able to sell again.

    There is a program that allows you to make payments if you get behind and allows you not to go into collections.

    This information is also listed on the back of the contract that you signed when you signed up to sell.

    Avon offers a credit extension and sends you product without you paying.

    You could have sent these products back and not gotten put into collections. You essentially sold the product and kept the money for yourself, so this is your fault, not Avon's!

  • Ra
      9th of Nov, 2008
    -3 Votes

    I, m a Avon rep from Southampton. If avon offers a credit extension why would they send the account to a collections agencey they should of offered this to her when she fell behind with her payments and did she offer to repay avon for the items that she did not send back to them.

  • Lt
      19th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I worked for avon a few years. Last order was over 400 dollars. Started having medical problems, and family problems that didn't pay at that time. Can't think straight when seizures, and family problems comes up. I got a call from the collections and gave them my bank account information. They took a 200 one time and the remaining out the next time.

    Just got back with them, and placed two orders received them. Now gave them another a 400 order and they placed it on hold for non payment. Ask DM about it and she shows that it is 159.00 she doesn't know if it is this camp. or what. I wasn't offered the extension or anything. Had always paid for the product. It isn't my fault that the collections/accounting department done something with it. It was EFT. I don't have that bank anymore. And on this 159.00 I have no ideal where that came from. I haven't had that amount at anytime of my order.

    So Avon isn't the company for me. I have my own company LTDAVENPORT and I do wholesale from my home. I enjoy it. DM tells me call customer service and I did, then you have to call another number, so I did and didn't get to talk to anybody leave a message. Haven't heard from them yet. Talked with friends to make sure it had been two years or more since I worked with avon. You order something and it is on backorder, most of the time you don't get it until it is late, they don't like taking things back. I have a friend that had to return and piece of jewerly cause the stone was out of it, she never has gotten the replacement or credit. and the customer paid for it. And then a bowler worked for Avon and she braggs about owing them, and she couldn't pay for it she doesn't even pay her child support for two kids. Her mother signed up and let her work under her name. My dm offered to put it under my husband name and me work off of his name. Now why would I do that, I don't owe them. And another thing if I owed them why would I come back to sell for them knowing that they will run my name thru and see if I owed them.

    This company is making a killing off of everybody. Just like we have a avon rep been with avon for 30 years, if you lay your brochures out she comes in and throws yours in the trash and puts hers out. And she doesn't take product back. She refuses. And we are to be customer relation. Satisfaction is our goal. Yea right. I think once they find out it was their fault, I think I am going to tell them to take that 400 order and you know where to stick it. I have already paid it and am not paying again. And on this 159.00 I have no ideal.

  • Sc
      7th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with you. I would not be an Avon rep again...EVER!!! I have product I am trying to get rid of because my customers ordered it, and then did not pay for it. THey would not let me return it. Avon family my foot!!!

  • Yo
      12th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Accounts in collections: That is the ONLY time Avon will ban someone from becoming a rep.

    They are NOT punishing you because your son was ill
    - - - - they are not doing business with you because you let your account go to collections-for whatever reasons.

    I hear reasons everyday as to why someone could not/did not pay their bill.
    - - - Avon CANNOT distinguish between true hardships and deadbeats...

    Take responisbility and move on.

  • Yo
      12th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    In response to: Rachel Watson

    A letter is sent every campaign for 10 campaigns urging the rep to contact Avon.

    It is then the representatives responisbility to contact Avon, as requested, to set up a payment plan.

    If they don't, they go to collections and will not be able to sell again.

    To those that disagree, this is about personal resposnibility...Not Avon's.

  • Gc
      15th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hmmm, I am not sure about collections for orders received. My issue is quite different. I wanted to stop selling Avon. No horrendous reason other then, no time and poor health. I had a great record. Paid on time if not early. Placed large orders, I always paid out of pocket and collected from customers later.

    My Director at the time was quite happy and easy to communicate with up until the time I wanted to cancel. She became another victim of the black hole. I called Customer Service and told them I wanted my account closed, verified my balance of $0 and emailed, and left voice mail to Director.

    A month later I received an invoice for some cologne, I called to state I never received or ordered anything that my account should be closed. They said it was a promotional item and that my account was active, since I had not placed orders the order was done to maintain the account opened. SURPRISE! I was also told to wait for the item (although if I was invoiced a month later - what I am I waiting for? Clearly it was not shipped)

    It's been months now, the promotional item of $19.99 in 3 months is not well over $100, due to Avon's mob like math, where late fees are added weekly - or so the COllections department said. They are very sympathetic with the issue, but feel I should still pay since 'it will be quicker then getting a resolution."

    My letters have gone as high as Andrea Jung. Better Business Bureau is next and any step thereafter. That AVON would ruin my credit and have collections call me a minimum of 4 times a day (which is harrassment) and not resolve this issue is just plain crazy.

    Due to the 'principle' of it all, I refuse to pay. I mean, I should be penalized for closing an account that was in good credit? I should pay for items not ordered or received? An account should remain open regardless of the Director not returning calls or emails? What kind of business is this? After several years of buying their products, I would not touch an Avon product from this point on. It's like rewarding criminal activity.

  • Wo
      27th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I get so sick of hearing this. Let me tell you my personal story for a sec. 3 campaigns ago, my son broke his leg. He had to have surgery to repair it and needed to be in the hosp. the night before. My payment to Avon was due and my order had to be in by noon the next day. When my son fell asleep, I took my laptop and trucked my butt down to the caff. where they had wi-fi. Done everything I needed to do and was done in about 10 minutes. Could have done the samethings, made the payment, and submitted my orders over the phone. It would have took alittle longer but it can be done.

    If you work at a job and the boss gives you a deposit to take to the bank should you be able to use it for your personal matters? NO. Its the same with Avon. Thats not your money to spend, and should always be kept seperate from your personal money.

    Just because you can't be trusted to fulfill your obligations doesn't mean that others can't. It is not fair for you to come here and try to blame Avon and run others away who could really be successful at selling. I am living proof that it can be done if you are willing to work and pay the bill.

  • Ma
      10th of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    The complaint that does not properly record a payment in full after a rep has gone to collections has been made over and over again. This happens because Avon sells the past due accounts to the collections agency. It does not appear that Avon is ever informed that the collections agency did in fact receive payment.

    If Avon is making so much money off newbies that they wait 2-3 campaigns in before suspending them, it tells me that Avon is purposefully not screening the history of the rep first couple campaigns in order to scam the reps for Avon's initial profit. (Salaried Avon employees like District Manager know that Avon makes their profits off NEW reps who order silly amounts of stuff.)

    As for what a person can handle when they are sick: When my son was in the hospital, my abusive ex came and went as he pleased -- while expecting me to stay by son's side 24/7 ('course I wanted to be there too). I had not had a shower in three days. I was also an eBay seller. It was only through a near breakdown (in tears) that abusive ex let me leave for a couple hours. I was able to shower, ship packages, and get right back.

    But if it was a matter of making an Avon payment? No way would my ex have let me do something like that. Everyone's circumstances are different. Some people can only mentally handle one crisis at a time. It has their entire focus.

    I do believe this puts them at a disadvantage in our society that expects women to magically heal 48 hours after a c-section. But these people still exist. And they are probably better for not trying to 'multi-task' during family emergencies, societal disadvantage or not.

  • Av
      18th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Avon is a scam! Last month, I signed up to sell Avon again. After the first campaign, access to my Avon account was blocked. I called customer service to see why and they told me I was IN collections for not paying my balance from 2008. I knew this was wrong because I HAVE PROOF. Bank statements show 4 payments made to AVON. I still have all the paper letters Avon sent me that say THANK YOU for your payment! My total balance due was paid off in 2 months. Then a month later, I get a letter from a collection company asking for the FULL payment that I just got done paying! I tried to call Avon about this but NOTHING! They claimed I never paid so I needed to pay. So, I paid the damn collection agency AGAIN, IN FULL.. And now, Avon tells me I NEVER paid the collection agency. The "billing and collection specialist" in CA told me the collection agency told Avon that I never paid. I called the collection agency and they are mailing me MY PROOF that yes I DID PAY IN FULL! So, I wonder... What happened to those FOUR payments I approved to Avon, with my VISA? I still have the statements, the THANK YOU for your payment letters from Avon. SO, after I OVER PAID Avon.. They want me to pay a THIRD TIME! Sounds like a SCAM to me.

  • Bc
      19th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I too fell behind on my payments due to a family problem and they wouldn't let me send the products back. Everything is good as long as you stay current, but here in the real world things are not always as they should be

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