Avent / steriliser bottles

Bingham, England, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Let's start with a positive, the electric expresser is brilliant! However, Unfortunately I have had x 2 problems with the bottles and the steriliser is a pain and keeps burning after only one use!
In regards to the bottles, my first complaint is about one that leaked all over whilst shaking and I nearly burnt my baby. I had steam coming out my ears I was so mad at the quality of the bottles, it could have ended so much worse. I only hurt my hands and my husband was covered in milk.
Secondly I have at least 5 bottles with the tops that come off, my nappy bag was completely soaked today! The top had come off and leaked everywhere. The nappy's, change of clothes and the worst thing is I had a screaming baby with no milk to give him. I was fuming. I feel like the staff are not understanding my complaint. When I wrote about the second problem I got no response at first then they have not given me a solution! I can't express my anger or irrational, I seriously wish I'd chosen Tommy tippy, unfortunately I chose avent. We have everything avent. We have a bottle warmer, complete waste of money( but that's not your fault, we just never use it.) expresser, steriliser, bottles, bottle bags to keep the bottles warm, milk dispenser.
Then I brought up about the steriliser and Ed decided to inform me it harmless and it just needs cleaning by using the directions. I'm not stupid I clean it regularly! Its shouldn't need doing this often. It's ridiculous It shouldn't be this difficult. It shouldnt burn each time I use it.


Oct 24, 2018

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