AV Jenning / Worst customer experience ever

United States

AV Jennings Norwood SA, terrible customer service if you expect some sort of hearing forget about it . I was given the buildings supervisors number and told to contact him directly as customer care could not help. When I couldn’t get hold of him I was told now you know what we have to put up with ! Little or no supervision of tradespersons on site leading to longer finishing times and poor workmanship despite saying that a supervisor will be on site every 3 days . Complete disregard for external building inspector’s reports even when dangerous shortcuts are made by tradespersons. Unless you escalate to the General Manager and go to the department of consumer affairs then do not expect to be listened to. Never again will I purchase or build with AV Jennings, a disaster. I am only sorry I didn’t come across this site sooner as I was unaware how bad a company they were. Do not believe anything they say.


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