Autozone (Rancier Rd. Killeen, TX) / bad customer service by manager

Killeen, TX, United States

For all my Killeen/Fort Hood people do not go to the autozone on rancier. Not even for a light-bulb. The manager has poor customer service and acted as if he wouldn't return a part without a receipt and I never opened the package or left autozone parking lot, I only had the part 5 min when I realized I needed help getting the grill of my truck off!  It worked out though! I got the same piece $3 cheaper (military discount) and put on for me at o'reilly on ctxpress way.  But it is bothering me that this black man would kind of act like I would try to lie about a $10 part and he was in my face less than 5 min ago selling me a used part in a stapled package. Maybe he thought I had a stapler in the car and restapled it. Maybe it's just me but I will never go there again or recommend them! So Fort Hood Family no autozone on Rancier! 

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