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Saturday July 7, 2017
We go an Autozone in New Rochelle, NY. The staff has always been helpful and curteous. That's until today. With a diagnostic paper in hand I accompanied my mother to purchase oxygen sensor(s). We went looking for the girl who gave her the diagnostic paper yesterday but, instead met MS. MOTOR MOUTH. This young woman proceeded to belittle me and suggest I was a ### for not knowing what kind of sensors we needed. I attempted to explain the directions given by the rep yesterday but every time I started, she interrupted me with a pointedly loud question: "BEFORE or AFTER?" This went on several times until my mother remembered she had been recommended to buy an Universal oxygen sensor. That should have been the end. But not for Ms. Motor Mouth who found the perfect opportunity to tell me that I should shut up since I did not know what I was talking about. When I replied: " if you had let me explain . . ." . she felt offended and then proceeded to pretty much dress me down and wipe the floor with me. It was pretty embarrassing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in New Rochelle, NYAt one point I looked behind me and all the customers in the store were gathered behind us in complete absorption while this woman kept running her mouth. I asked her several times to stop and just take our order but she refused. I asked to speak to a manager but she replied that there was none. Pretty mad by now and in a desperate attempt to stop her I took a bow before her and then slapped my hands and rushed her to just place the order. The store became dead silent. All eyes were on us. And if it had been a Western, at this point the guns would have been drawn and the first shot would have been heard. Thankfully, another rep took pity on us and came to take our order. She kept on interrupting him and telling him to take care of his other customer . . . she asked him to 'help my mother not I, etc. " She kept coming around and pointedly making loud comments and getting on my face. I was being taunted and provoked. In all and all a pretty humilliating and terrifying experience. Her behavior was right out of the lowest of the lowest kind of people. But what is more amazing is that no one at the store stopped her or said anything to her. Doesn't Autozone train its employees to treat customers with professionalism? One thing I know for sure: I will not be patronizing this store any longer . . .

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  • Mi
      Oct 28, 2009
    Autozone - 3rd time ignored customer
    1328 NW 23rd St
    Oklahoma City
    United States
    Phone: [protected]‎

    The third time I came in to have my the diagnostic tool run on my car, they completely ignored me again in the line of customers waiting.
    Having been blown off the first time, while 1 person took care of customers and 2 others flitted around, I left after 30 plus minutes.

    The second time the guy just completely cut me from the line, and when I said something pulled this whole attitude with me.

    The third time it was the actual acting manager who cut me from the line while the other employee just stood there and let him.

    The sad part is when I confronted him with it he was like, oh, yeah. That guy doesn't really work at this store. Then I had to actually ask him if he was even sorry about my treatment.
    Must not be too much but then again, I guess the 1000 plus a year I spend will go somewhere else.

    I would not expect to be treated well at this location.

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  • Re
      Apr 10, 2011

    As an Autozoner myself I would like to personally say sorry for your s**t service, and wish you lived in the downriver area in MI so I personally could show you a true AUTOZONE! My job at work is to help all customers with a freindly touch and get my customers in safe running vehicles. If your ever in Allen Park MI please come to that store you wont believe the service you'd get and we would return your jack no questions asked!

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  • Vs
      Jun 19, 2011
    Autozone - don the rasist manager
    United States

    Don the manager at the autozone in rapid city, sd is most interested in rude service to native americans then selling parts for autozone in some cases he charges more for parts or out right get out of my store he openly practices these rude customer services to natives ameriecans on a daily basis, don charged us 200.00 for a core exchange for a battery itlod him why he's charging us so much money for the core and he said it's my store or go some were else, i don't need your bussiness here! get out he told us.and make it worst he still works there.

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  • To
      Jun 19, 2011

    you know how tiring it gets reading/listening to the race card over and over? Frankly, I doubt that you are a native American, you cannot spell and have no command of English. I think you are a foreigner, and I'm ready to bet money that you are from ...

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  • Vl
      Oct 22, 2011
    Autozone - bad service
    United States

    I bought a bunch of stuff at an "Autozone" store, among other items there was a big can of freon (R-134a) for $ 29.99

    When I tried to use the credit on my Autozone card the store clerk made a mistake and was not able to apply the credit to this purchase. So he made a return and rang the stuff up again. When I tried to return the big can of freon because only a little bit was missing in my A/C, the computer said "this item has already been returned". I told the clerk: "here is the can, it has not been returned, and it is brandnew, not been opened... don't you see it ? here is the receipt showing that I purchased it..."

    I asked the store clerk to give me store credit instead if a refund was a big problem for them. he asked me for my driver's license, swiped it and the display said "return denied" - he printed out a slip that gave me a number for an external "return approval company". when I called this company they told me " you had another return without a receipt within the last 6 months, this is why you were not approved for store credit"

    Autozone, you made my day - if you believe that you can play games with customers, not with me. Wal-Mart is cheaper, anyway and they sell Freon as well. If it is something else that I need next time it is going to be Checker or Pep Boys. I hope that this "Store credit approval company" will increase your revenue and create many, many happy customers that will happily continue to frequent your stores.

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  • Se
      Mar 03, 2012

    Give you a big hint! Auto Zone PARTS STORE!! NOT Auto Zone Automotive shop!! It is a DIY store!! If you can't fix the problem yourself DON'T take your car to a parts store take it to a shop!! Would you go to a Doctor that specializes in knees if your arm hurts? Just saying common sense plays a big role, you get what you pay for FREE and what Sears CHARGED you!

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