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I took out a contract Dec 2013 with Autopage cellular Clearwater Mall, about 6 months ago we started getting statements for data usage and phone call bills, sms's came through for people we don't know. We went and reported this to the branch we opened the account with and nothing happed but we were still billed for it. A month later the same thing happened and we reported again to the branch we opened the account with and yet we were billed again. Three months done the line we received no feedback from Autopage Cellular with regards to the investigation on my account.

I decided to go to a different branch to hopefully get some service, on the 9th April 2015 I went to the Northgate Autopage branch and spoke to Terisha explaining the situation to her to get this sorted. I asked her to please block the number and to please put any deduction on hold until everything has been sorted out, I asked her to please state that they must please only charge us for the device in the meantime. She then confirmed that everything was logged and gave us a ref number 642496. A week later we started getting phone calls on the same number that was blocked, sms's to people we have never heard off YET AGAIN!!!

I called the customer care number [protected] and asked for a manager I was put through a team manager and spoke to Inthiaz on the 14th May 2015. Followed the same procedure and explained it to him, I expressed my frustration to him as this has now gone on long enough. He said I must please be patient one more day and that he would give me a call the next day. GUESS what no phone call received!!!
I called again on the 20th May 2015 and asked to speak to the General Manager and was told that they have to send an email so that someone can call me back, I asked for a reference number and was told I don't need one as the calls are recorded.

To this day I have not received feedback with regards to the investigation on my account, no one has called me back instead I received a LETTER of FINAL NOTICE from Autopage Cellular not even addressed to me, claiming money and claiming to have been trying to get hold of me.

I am at this stage so pissed off, if I do not get an answer as to what the hell is going on with my account, I will report this to the police as fraud and extortion, I will report this on Hallow Peter and I will place this on social media for everyone to see.

Signed: Very pissed off client

May 22, 2015
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  • Ha
      7th of Sep, 2010
    Autopage - I cant wait for this contract to expire
    United States

    Generally, the worst service i have received. Couldnt use my cell phone for two weeks after signing on, and the worst part still got charged for the contract. Issue after issue after issue. Sickening. I cant wait for this contract to expire, unfortunately i will have to live with the BS service.

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  • Jo
      10th of Jan, 2011
    Autopage - Auto page is billing me for IB without my authorization
    United States

    Auto page is billing me for IB without my authorization. They are quick to charge me yet have failed 2 send me my Ib statement. Customers should be given a choice when it comes to Ib. Dont just assume we want it activated. Fyi Im not even using the sim card. Its 2010 get with the progrgme.

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  • Go
      12th of Jan, 2011
    Autopage - Don't take a account from these clowns
    United States

    They have done it AGAIN. Today 28022010 when I tried to make a phoen call I found out my account is again cancelled. Why? The debit order for the account is to go off tomorrow 01032010. DON'T take a account from these clowns. I want to terminate my account as of now!!!

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  • Io
      7th of Feb, 2011
    Autopage - Always experiencing high call volume
    United States

    Whenever you phone you can never get through - they are forever experiencing high call volume...After 15 minuntes, you still haven't come through to a consultant. The service is pathetic!!!

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  • Wi
      10th of Feb, 2011
    Autopage - Failure to answer calls or react to emails
    United States

    So I have been trying to apply for new account (just moved back to SA from the Middle East) and contacted Autopage to get a mobile servcie going...submitted to form over the internet.

    No reponse from them at all. I tried calling three times, always staying on the line for over 20 minutes. Once a lady answered the call and said she will call me back...never happened! I sent email enquiries but also they go unasnwered...

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  • Ro
      30th of Apr, 2012
    Autopage - bad service
    United States

    on the 15/03/2012 I took my blackberry 9900 in for repair-I got insurens that i pay every month-
    every week i went in to see how far are they with the phone every time i had to fill in forms
    they sad i mustwait for them to sms me well i still went in every week weel todays date is the1/05/2012
    and still i dont have my phone dont you think this is bad service no going to renew my contract's again

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  • Bb
      30th of Apr, 2012

    i have same problem with my blackberry, guys post your complaints all over the internet here,, forums,, etc etc

    the more people know the better

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  • Ed
      20th of Mar, 2013
    Autopage - expired contract
    South Africa

    My contract at Autopage expired 3 years ago. I send a fax to Autopage to stop the contract. Untill today Autopage still subtract a monthly fee of R196.70. All calls to autopage are not attended to. All e-mails are ignored. They owe me money now.

    Please look into this problem.

    EH Rossouw

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  • Re
      11th of Sep, 2015

    Poorest service ever!!!
    one month later and i still havent received my phone after mine was stolen.
    I hate autopage!!!

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