Autonationsales practice are close to fraudulent (to be continued)

Around 2 weeks ago last week of nov 2017, I notice a bmw 335i that I was interested at a rover dealer not having any idea it was an automatuion dealership nor I knew who autonation was. So I phone up and a salesman name tray assits me with acquiring the car. My fico wasn't very high due to id fraud but nevertheless tray calls me on a saturday telling me that he had found finance foe me. Yet when igot to dealership, I was excited but he then to, told me that the car I wanted didn't pass there serious 120 pt inspection. So I had to pick another car. Well there was only one other car 2011 jag xk which was about 8g more than the bmw but convince me to test drive it since I am there.
After the test drive I wanted an options so we begain to look through some 10000 used car they have but pretty soon got massage that the dealership even though is autonation but are not really willing to obtain or sell other cars I find other than ones in their dealership because of course a higher profit.
They were asking $5000 down which I told them was a bit high and out of buget but they kept pressuring. I had finally told them that I will return monday for car but just needed time to see about the extra cost on the jag. At this point an indian gentement appears and introduce himself as the manage. He begins to dispuite what trey had promise me to hold car till monday and tld me that another party was very interested and that it will be sold by monday in which he cannot hold the car foe me even wheni offer a deposit. He then offer me an options to write him a check but is willing to hold for 30 days no problem he promised.
Even though I feel like he was lying about the other interested pary I agree base on the ability to delay the down for thirty days.
I then got put in the room with the finance manager davis garica, he seems likea very nice guy and honest. He then suggested a warranty contract that cost $3600 whixh seems very high but was so tired of waiting for them that I agreed. He told me that the roadside service was included for me from him. He also made me sign a paper stating that that will cash my check in a week. He also said if I needed more time that all I have to do is to contact him and he will make further arrangement just as the manager had offer. He actually repeated that afew times.
Comes 6 days later, I call, email and text both david and trey about my request to delay the payment further as was instructed but with no respond. I finally got reply from trey and he said tha I had sign document that promise them the check will be cash ina week. I had mention that he and friend of my was prsent when the manger had offered but he didn't fact when I got home that night I actually got wmail from trey stating tha the car was on hold foe me till tuesday. Now I know the manger was lying. We went back and forth on text but with no resolved.
A few hours after aroind 6pm, I was driving car and suddenly that engine started smoking like a bomb had hit it. I pull over immediately as I cannot even seein front of me. I called the 24 road side service immediately but the person on phone told me that my name doesn't match the warranty policy name and that thet have to varify with dealership. I call trey and he tells me to call the roadside but that there is nothing he can do. I ask him to help so he told me he call me back but then never asking phone again. I endup towing and paying for the tow back to my house missing a very important meeting.
The next morning I called trey to get call tow back to shop and he respond by saying I should stop demanding things from him. I was shock by his attudite. After over an hour of arguing he send the tow trick to my old address. Finally I go to my bank and I notice they had ignore my request their direction for me to give instruction day before to alter arrangement with check.
Looking back that basically the manager had lie and trick me into writing check without intention in honoring his 30 day offer. That is wrong and has to be illegal. I cannot believe autonation would tolerate this kind of practice. It will be interesting to see what that are going to do with my car since who wants to buy a car that blows up in six days. To be continue

Dec 03, 2017

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